Hi, i have nothing to do so I decided to create a world to introduce myself^^.
How to start..hmm.

K..here goes,
My birthday is on 26 December and I am 14 years old

Animes I watch are Baccano, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and others.
My favorite band is B2st..can see from background^^

And black is my favourite colour. o.o

My nickname is Ryohei the sun guardian, from Katekyo Himan Reborn.
I like playing cybergames especially blackshot and dota (blackshot more) as they relief my stress.
My streaming exams is coming!! My brain is going explode of too much studying (p.s I hate Studying!!).

I guess thats all about me^^, thanks for reading :]
Pls comment how bad/good is my introdcution so I can improve..ty^^

B2st Is The Best! :p

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