This is where I manage my EX Points, Supports, and weapons. (And do other random stuff.) :)

Concept Art

This is concept art for It's Called a Shirt. I still like how he turned out, so now it's here.

Another One

Another song from the FFVII Remake that I like is Seven Seconds Till The End. For what that's worth. :)

Secret Santa 2021 Wishlist

1. Ike from Fire Emblem, any age
2. Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII
3. A Zelgius x Sigrun picture (FE characters)
4. A Sephiran x Altina picture (FE characters)
5. Aran from Fire Emblem RD
6. Kirby
7. BOTW Link
8. Any of the above characters doing something inspired by a certain song or part of a song (e.g. my drawing Cloucina)