Hello and welcome to my reality post section where pretty much what happens here is what goes on in my life. For starters, yes i am a band geek and have been since fifth grade. I go by Kyarri on my pages and with my friends (sometimes) because my real name sounds too much like other names and is used to much in my school. The people i talk about alot of times are my friends and i use their nicknames to conceal their identity (Kurisu is my little brother, Sora/Immoto is my adopted little sister, and my friends are Rae, Kana, Ryoko, Korasu, Addy, Kira, Rebmafire and Jiao) My favorite Manga/anime are D. Gray-Man, Shaman King, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Fruits Basket. I am energetic, easy going and love my friends to death and get really ticked when someone disses them or talks crap about themselves. Anyways, i think that is it about me! Kawaii!

Mommy My Turtle Died!

Sanzo: -_-' You had to name your post that?

Yes! That was the highlight of the day!

Envy: ~snickers~ yeah it was. the look on CCR's face was priceless!

Neji: yeah...and then the professor calling security on you was priceless. Anyways Kya, continue.

CCR and I take a Human's Communications class together and our professor asked for volunteers to read a little script...so i volunteered CCR and myself to do it. When we got the parts, the professor told Kya to be the child and CCR to be the mom.

Horo: if that wasn't enough! ROFLMAO

Kanda; rolls eyes~ it wasn't that funny! It was pathetic!

Envy: smirks at kanda! that's what she said ~gets pummeled~

0o' My part required me to cry....Mommy! My turtle died and i just fed it this morning!

Horo: roflmao!

Neji:....it was hard to hear with Kyarri trying hard not to die of laughter and CCR not speaking up.

hey it was funny! First off I am the mother figure...and sorry me crying about a dead turtle is funny!

Sanzo: aside from that, Kya got limewire and is now listening to all sorts of songs.

This is Thriller! Thriller Night! So let me hold you tight because this is a killer thriller!

Craziness and Possible New comic

Seriously, my job is picking up more stupid people than ever! From deliveries to arguing with my boss who is also the owner! Can people get any dumber?! so yeah this is yet another day in paradise...right? So in honor of my pain...I have decided for your amusement that I will make a comic based on my work...final fantasy style. Why FF? Because ironically I do work under a Vincent and Lulu and if I were to change the N in Tina to an F I would have a Tifa! No joke! In the comic though....I'll be my own person...because gut feeling is telling me that there is more ff people to come. Anyways...wow i say that alot. peace out!


Sorry for my disappearance...and for this short post. College has been busy as well as where I work. I'm working on updating KH High school but it will be more in a college perspective now...because some of the characters have gone poof on me or have grown up too fast to be considered high school. So if anything, I'm adding on a few months later page to separate the time. I have to go to work soon but I will give you the update on what's happening when I can.

Kyuu...Why must College be a headache?

Envy: Woot! four day weekend!

yes my second week of college is over...and i'm getting mad at my math homework.

Neji: your math? What's happening now?

Kyuu...one of the problems are so confusing that i don't understand it. They are getting this number from i don't know where and it totally bites!

Sanzo: perhaps you are suppose to know that number?

...Anyways...I have been enjoying myself so far. I have all my cosplays done for con this october and now need to get the full event pass. I'm going to be (for con) Hungary, Lenne, and Medusa so i'm excited about that.

Envy: -_- you said you were going to be me.

Kanda: why the heck would she want to be some crossdressing palm tree who doesn't know it's gender?

Envy: Why you- *Fight breaks out*

Usagi has been busy too with school and cosplays. Her Lithuania costume is 98% finished...we need to dye her tie black.

Neji: why didn't you just buy one?

Um...because we suck at tying ties and the clip on they did have have white spots and is dark blue...anyways i hope all of you are doing well! And Rae chan? I think we need to take Russia to the Home Depot to pick up a water pipe!

Envy: 0o' water pipe? ~backs away slowly~

^^ and he needs to listen to the Mad Russian Christmas because i'm planning out a amv for Russia! ^^

Envy; 0_0 ~runs out the room freaked~

^^ bye bye.

First college week over!

Phew! What a week! and a very good one! College was very interesting...

Envy: your english 102 class professor has issues.

Neji: but it's understandable.

^^' yeah...my class knows that i like anime. One of my classmates brought her daughter in and we both discovered (to the mom's dismay) that we like Naruto. The class thought that was kind of funny.

But anyways, I think (and to my surprise) that my math class is my favorite class!

All guys: ~glass shatters~

Seriously! MyMathLab is something that EVERYONE should use for math. and as a plus! my math professor is really understanding and funny!

Envy: he doesn't like me though.

hmm...would it have something to do with messing with the ELMO system?

Envy: ...i don't know what you are talking about.

but yeah that's my week in a nut shell.
and I have an announcement. I'm ending my Kingdom hearts High school because all my character people are gone. Instead for college...I'm taking a suggestion on what series I should base it off of. I'm considering Hetalia and Soul Eater. Any other suggestions would be great.