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Who says we can't like manga and anime, even if we can't see well? There are still lots of ways to enjoy it, from manga that actually has raised pictures to audiobook versions of anime episodes.

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Games for the Blind

A rather interesting article I today about games for the blind. This is the topic I want to work on for my Visual Culture thesis class, anyway.

Games for the Blind

Manga Scans: Ever Legal?

Manga scan websites exist everywhere. Quicker even than fansubbers, these groups pump out manga chapters sometimes the day they come out in Japan, cleaned up better than a hard volume than you can find in the states. There’s one thing I like abo...

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Why I Did It

Stream of Conciseness Rant- Why I Did It I'm 21, female, and the younger of two in my family. I grew in up in typical Jersey suburbia. Taking a quick look at my family reveals little out of the ordinary. Older brother in th...

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Bleach Audiobooks

A great way to start off by discussing Lovely V productions, a group who does highly good audiobooks of manga, for free, just because. They offer Persacon as well, but seeing as I've only heard BLEACH, I'll give you the links. It's not much, but it sounds awesome!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2