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2013 Almost Done!

My blog posts are few as of late, my fingers just don't work like they once did. So here is a quick update/reminder to members: When emailing me questions about theO be sure to include your member name in the email. Also be sure to put something about "theO" in your subject line so I know it isn't just junk mail.

With the year coming to an end I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season. May 2014 be filled with joy and happiness!

As a holiday treat, here's a picture of my corgis enjoying the Christmas tree while sporting their snazziest holiday outfits.

When life throws you pies, make pie-monade.

Time for a much needed update. Life has been a bit crazy as of late. My mom had been very sick for a long time. Around the holidays her poor health became even worse. In and out of the hospital and eventually into hospice. At the end of February she past away. I miss her terribly. It's bittersweet. She was sick and in so much pain for so long I am glad her suffering is over... but I wish she was still here. With Mother's Day right around the corner it's going to be a difficult time to get through.

My RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) has been out of control so things have been tough. Recently I had some lab work come back abnormal which has resulted in more test which again resulted in yet more test which thus gave us no info at all. So now I get to go see another Doc which will probably refer me to yet another Doc. I think they all just want my co-pay. BTW, May is National Arthritis Month. I'm really not sure how one is suppose to observe/celebrate/acknowledge this, but I guess I will do so by going in to have some medications infused! WooHoo! meh.

Posted an update on Ashton's World if you would like to see a picture of his "new" brother and sister. Oh, and yes, they have anime inspired names.

On theO front: Not much to report on my end. Things have actually been pretty quiet. Remember, scans from manga and screen captures from anime do not count as your personal fan art.

Keep on keepin' on, laters ya'll.

Earthquake, Tsunami and Missing Loved Ones in Japan

This has been a very stressful past few days. Phone calls have been flying around family members and friends here in the States as well as those in Japan. As of now so far we have been very lucky and everyone is safe. I feel completely drained but I can't even imagine the level of stress those in Japan right now are feeling.

Most of our friends and family are based in the Chiba and Tokyo area. They are in the area where there is no power. My brother's childhood best friend lives and works in Iwate. When we contacted his parents they were unable to get a hold of him at first but then he called to check in to let them know he was actually in Mexico on a business trip!

Best. Timed. Trip. Ever!

He is unsure if he has anything to come home to. We are pretty sure his apartment is gone. As for work, he hasn't been in contact with anyone yet. So as of last report he is going to stay in Mexico until things get sorted out a bit more.

My aunt's sister avoided the tsunami by making her way to the roof of the 12 story condo complex she lives in. They showed the rescue on NHK of residents getting airlifted off the roof. My aunt and uncle were watching it on tv. It's just so surreal.

My mom is making more phone calls tonight to try to get in contact with a few more friends we have not heard from yet. Hopefully the good new will continue and everyone is fine.

Please continue to send your thoughts and prayers to all those in Japan. This is going to be a very long recovery.

TheO is out to get you!

So, just a bit of ranting from me today. I am not sure if any of you guys have noticed but when a member has been banned/frozen, gets a warning from the mods or has their worked denied, it is not because there might actually be an issue with the member breaking the TOS or something up with their work but because the site is out to get them. It's like they assume that there is some giant conspiracy to "get them" like the site is oppressing them and we are plotting and planing to cause them harm. Do some members honestly believe that a fan site dedicated to anime otakus is out to get them? I mean, come on! How in the heck can the staffers have any time to plot and plan against random members when we, in fact, are busy plotting against Adam*?!

There is a contact link at the bottom of the page for a reason, there is no need to assume things when you can just email and ask.

*If Adam is reading this, there is no plot against you. I was just kidding. Really. Nope, no plans at all...

Not enough hours in the day...

I have returned from the great void. Hey, at least it didn't take me a year to get this update done! lol Thing have been crazy busy as always. In a nutshell: Ashton has been doing really well in his obedience class, site stuff has been pretty steady (if your stuff is getting denied, check your spelling. "Angle" is not the same as "angel".), went to a friend's wedding on the other side of the state which was wonderful, had a nice BBQ with friends on the 4th, work at the vet clinic has been good, I have a bit of a cold, trying to plan an Oregon coast vacation, may be going to Blizzcon, going to Seattle this weekend... phew, so much stuff, so little time. If only I had millions of dollars and a personal assistant, then I would be set. lol

Now there is a question for you: If you were given 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?