Hi! I'm Panou!

*UPDATE* This world is currently INACTIVE.
Most of my current creations are posted in my Instagram now HERE!

Please enjoy your stay here! What? Are you a hotel? This is where I ramble and blabber about what I make and create! Whether it's art or using FIRE!! <--- baking. Enjoy your time here!

Usually I'll post references to what I make, but if you don't see it and would like to know how I made a particular item, feel free to comment to me or PM me for information!

Crafting all week~

Hey guys! Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted in this world.

Well, to lay off of drawing for while, I've been making some crafts. I found my mom's beading and fabric supplies and started playing with them for the past week lol~


  • Hairbows
  • Small yoyo with a bead in the middle
  • Jeweled hairpins
  • Beaded hairtie


  • Beaded bonbon hairties
  • Sarubobo plush (tutorial HERE)
  • Earrings

I hope I head back home soon because I don't have all of my supplies to work with. I'm supposed to be headed back around June hopefully!

Let me know if you're curious on how I made or assembled these!

Bento Bag

I sewed a new bento bag a few days ago for my lunches for school. ^^ It's still kind of small, but I like it. I also embroidered a bear, a bunny with a squirrel, a fish with stars ,and a narwhal. 8D

Bento bag tutorial courtesy by La Fuji Mama and Cotton Spice

Watermelon Nails

I'm going to a wedding this Saturday, and so I decided to paint my nails~ ^^' I'm so impatient once again~ xD It's kind of messy, since I just finished last night, so I've yet to take off the excess polish off my skin. ^^' I wished I had a darker green...

Whoops, I just notice my right hand (shown) has the black seeds the wrong way, and my left hand has the correct way of the seeds. Haha~ I should have took a pic of my left instead~ xD

I improvised my own way, but here are some tutorials online that inspired me: 1 2 3

Fat Homemade Soft Pretzels

Made these some time ago~ I always forget to post! @[email protected]
They tasted good with Tostitos cheese dip LOL!

Kusudama Ball

Made a kusudama ball that took forever to make! D: I got inspired to make one~