Thnxs 4 visting!! I don't have any drawings of Bailey on my computer, so i can't
post any pics.. -.-;...

I guess I should say some stuff about my self, shouldn't I???

Favorite anime: LUM* Urusei Yatsura

Favorite manga: The Demon Ororon

Favorite book series: Warriors

Favorite TV show: iCarly

Favorite band: Fall Out Boy

Favorite singer: Meatloaf (Yeah, I know I listen 2 old music...)

Favorite Phrase: "Come 2 the dark side! WE HAVE COOOKKIIEEESSS!!"

People I know personally on theotaku:
Kawaii Inu
Wolf Demon Okami

Top 10 Songs:
Grand Theft Autumn (Where is Ur Boy 2night?) (Fall Out Boy)

Paralyzer (Finger 11)

Teenagers (My Chemical Romance)

Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)

Guilty Pleasures (Cobra Starship)

I Don't Care (Fall Out Boy)

Ready Set Go (Tokio Hotel)

She's My Winona (Fall Out Boy)

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me (Fall Out Boy)

Why Don't You Get A Job? (Offspring)

Love Lockdown (?)

America's Sweethearts (Fall Out Boy)

I have started 3 different mangas of my own, but they aren't far enough to post.

If u would like 2 be my friend, PN me... I'M LONELY!!!


Framing Hanley vid

I thought this video was really funny when I watched, and I LOVE the song.


I've been off a school Thursday and Friday this week, And I've done nothin but watch music videos. And Fall Out Boy is my favorite band, so I've watched some of their vids REPEATEDLY and I love the vid for I Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me, but in my opinion, America's Suiteheartsis one of my favorite songs, but the music video has nothing to do with the lyrics. I also like This Ain't A Scenethe song and the video. I think Fall Out Boy is altogether awesome. I have only 2 of their CDs, but I live. This one guy in my class wants to give me From Under The Cork Tree for my B-day. I think Fall Out Boy is awesome because the lyrics rock, and hey, the guys are all hot (always a plus)

My Chemical Romance is an awesome band, too. I mean a lot of their songs are death related, but a lot of their songs are really good. Like, I LOVE Teenagers. That is like the best song on The Black Parade, I think. I loved them since the day I first listened to them. I'm really sorry that I also listened to their new song Desolation Row I thought that was a really good song. If MCR looks at this, I know Bri. ;) And, I miss your glasses Mikey.


I am STILL amazed the guy who plays Miroku is this sexy... but then again, Miroku's sexy too... *SIGH*