Remember when you were a kid? Everything was so carefree and fun. You had nothing to do but run around playing games and watching our favorite shows.

There were those times when Pokemon or Rugrats was on and suddenly the TV and the remote became your property. Or when you were playing tag and the one that was it came around the corner and you'd yell "RUN!" at the top of your lungs to get the message across to the others. Those times when you'd jump across the street only touching the white part and pretending the rest of the street was shark infested water or molten lava and you couldnt touch anything but those white stripes?

Come on! Admit it! We all did it! And it was definitely the greatest time of our lives! Well this world is to help you remember all those times and hopefully put a smile on your face, reminding you of the good old days.

The Hardest Game of Your Childhood

Looking over someone's shoulder this game was a piece of cake. Shouting, "Oh come on! It's easy" was fair enough when you weren't the one playing. Then suddenly when it's in your hands it was unfair and rude for anyone to shout it to you because you always had some excuse for the difficulty you encountered with it.

And then when you got to the peak of frustration you suddenly became the greatest cheater in the world, twisting and turning the whole thing to get the stupid rings onto the little stands. When even that failed you'd just put it down gently, or throw it away, and calmly (viciously) stomp off, swearing the game off forever only to go back to it again moments later with a renewed confidence.
And if you happened to successfully get them all in place, please share your wisdom, God forbid anyone tried to touch it. You didn't need them knocking any of your rings out of place and ruining your victory.

Good times, good times. Vicious...but still good


I think everyone had one of these or knows someone that had one of these at some point in their life.

To be honest those things didnt have a chance of living very long yet we all tried so hard to hard and so persistently to keep them alive. Somehow it was fun and practically addicting. Personally I always had that thing with me ready to check on my pet. I'd swear that I'd keep it alive for at least 2 weeks. I usually failed to be honest but something about it always made you want to keep playing.

And then when your pet died you'd feel like a horrible person for letting it and blame yourself or you'd yell and get angry at it for being so impossible and dying on you for no reason. Is there even an in between?

I have exciting new for whoever really loved that game. I'm not sure how true this is but check out the link:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The original series started in '87 but went on strong after that and most of us saw it especially since I bet somebody in our family was a fan and had the tapes and made us sit and watch it (in my case it was my dad who loved the show -_-). At first it didnt seem too cool but after the first episode I fell in love. How could you not love the Turtles?!
There was Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and of course Splinter.

Leonardo was the courageous and disciplined martial arts student and leader of the group(blue mask). Donatello was the smart one that would rather use his brains than his martial arts in a fight(purple mask). Raphael(my favorite) was the hot-headed, aggressive, sarcastic, fierce fighter with a good heart(red mask). Michelangelo was the free spirited, easy going one that always provided some comedy(orange mask). Splinter was a mutant rat that adopted the TMNTs and raised them as his own meanwhile training them in martial arts.

Which one was your favorite?

Out Break Of Yu-Gi-Oh

There should not be a single person on this website that doesnt know what this is a picture of. I for one spent way more time than I should have learning how to play the game properly and coming up with strategies and trading cards with the boys(getting odd looks from the girls, being a girl myself). Do you remember spending hours watching the show to better your card playing skills and the reactions you had to every single duel?! I used to pretend the monsters would pop out of the cards and they werent just cards but that they actually held the creature inside. Hey call me crazy but it made playing the game 10 times more fun and like a devoted fan I still have all the Yu-gi-oh cards from when I was a kid. I kept every single one hidden away from everybody and used to on occasions just take them out and remember playing with them. Still have the original Black Luster Soldier card and it was always my favorite. God I feel like such a nerd sometimes ^-^

Crossing the Street

Anyone else do this?