Art/Manga Collaberation

This is a petition asking Otaku to add a collaboration feature so that two or more Otaku users can both take credit in creating either an artwork or a manga. When a piece is submitted only one copy is will appear on Otaku’s website, but will be linked to all users given credit by the collaboration feature. In other words when you look at the fan art/manga by person A it will show up as one of their works, while the same goes for person B who also took part in creating the fan art or manga.
All people in collaboration together, will be informed of any comments posted on their art/manga just as before.
The user names of the people will be separated at the top of the submitted work, each user having their own separate link. If you would like this feature to be added or to support this petition please it @|manga_collaberation/
Also to help this petition spread around send it to anyone you think would be interested. '