Gaara help's

it is funny pic i hope that you like it

see ya

the wallflower

for who dont know the wallflower anime see the video

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Ouran Musical

oruan high school host club in Musical edition

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Ouran High School Host Club

for all who love" Ouran High School Host Club " check this video it is so cool

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some anime

Hi ..............
i didnt post any thing in my world for long time
any way in this period of time i watch some anim i can say that "new anime"
i think that thay are good,cool and funny , the character are good looking but the story i found it weak or ther is no action "i love action" i dont now this is my opinon
i watch ouran high school host club and tha wallflower they are good and funny
but i think that the both of them are the same in the idea of the anime handsome boys and one girl she dont like meet with people she had a shock in her life she love to be alone
on in every episode theay are talking about one of the character the only diffrent i found that the wallflower the girl is more violent and scary
see you