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i saw this PIC and i found it so cute .Edward look so great as usual i hope that you enjoy it

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just some of VIDEO i hope that you enjoy it

Fullmetal Alchemist - Trailer

Full Metal Alchemist the Movie Trailer

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 - Trailer

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Hinata is alive i hope that thay will help her soon yeah XD but naruto in bad situation i think he will be trapped or something like that i hope that yamato can help him (CH438)

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the Sixth tail apperd

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as i said about the manga CH 437 the sixth tail appeared when naruto saw hinata's death in front of his eyes" i hope that some one will help her " it is really sad

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Now Hinata TT_TT

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i finished of reading naruto manga CH 437 and i felt so sad can hinata die like this TT-TT "i hope not " and i cant belive that she have the courage to said that she love naruto "she know that she will die TT^TT" it is really great to read such thing and i felt exited about that you are rock hinata

now all ican say that all the character on this anime are died the first was the third and then itachi then jiraiya ,kakashi and now hinata it can be i think it is the sadesse manga i ever read
then sixth tail appeared OMG it really that Naruto have feeling for hinata too it is really sad that you now that you love some one after he gone away and you will never see him again

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