I hate milk

hello ..........
from long time thay said milk is good for your body and if you want become tall just drink milk OMG what with this people i heat milk O-O but we have drink it XP T-T enjoy drinking the milk XD and this pic

see ya

Cute AL

i saw this pic when i was searching for al pic to make my wall" Broken Memory"
and i sae this cute pic for hime i hope that you like it

see ya

FMA opening


like the titel the FMA opening i will start with the first one
i love the meaning of this song "words" it is great i hope that you enjoy it

the 2nd one it make me feel excited i dont now why but still great enjoy it

3rd one it is my fav one i just love song back ground it is good with the song enjoy

the 4th

i hope that you like it
see ya


this MY FAV Ending i really like the song

see ya

I Couldn't Reach it

this PIC i use it in my last wall it is really meaning full if you didn't see this anime or read the manga you will not understand the idea but how have Not Seen this great anime XD any way i hope that you like it

see ya