FMA will go as the Manga

Hello ............
i was searching for the new news about the new series and i found that the new series will be like the mangaO.O and it will end as the manga end so i wait for Nothing T.T by the way the manga still on XD
but you know i don't get it why they make new series the end it in the movie and now the start new Begining it is like new animation not like FMA we watched Befor

FullMetal Alchemist 2 : Brotherhood

this is the 1st openig for the New FMA i hope that you enjoy it

and the ending enjoy it

see ya


Hello ......
i came with this words when i saw this PIC
PLZ enjoy the PIC and the Words
i can feel your breath but i can't see you
i hear your voice but i can't talk to you
i saw you but i can't touch you
because you are in my heart not in front of me

see ya

Fun Song

just Enjoy this Video

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Hello ......
i love this song enjoy

see ya