Tales of the Abyss-Trailer (Anime)

Hello .............

it is really cool anime i watch it and i am waiting for the last episod i cant wait to see it
see ya every one

when you are sad

when i am sad i cry my tears flow as my pain is grow
but still People See me with Smile that is my way to show them how Much Pain i got
but no one understand my Pain is so Big

this words come to me when i saw this Video so i Hope that you enjoy it

see ya

Kakashi's Death

we see it in the manga how Kakashi die and its make me cryT.T "SoB.SoB"
i saw this Video it is fro tne Manga But this Music Enjoy it

see ya

Cute Naruto

Hello ...
i think this veido so cute i think that i hope that you Enjoy IT

see ya


Hello ...........
i found this video it is good ENJOY IT

see ya