hi ............
i feel angry
some of my works has been deleted
it is a 2 wall i found an pic and i like it and i edit on this pic and make it a wall so what
any way maybe is true and he have the right but all the pic any one can use it is made by other person and this 2 pic i didn't take it from this site so what is the problem
ok this is what i feel
any way enjoy this video

see you around

the movie # 2 shippuden

the naruto shippuden movie 2 its look so cool
but i didn't see the first one it is not fair
any way this movie look cool and rock i will leave you with this video enjoy

see you around

naruto defeat kyuubi

did you see the episode (71) of naruto shippuden it was great how naruto defeat the kyuubi inside him and inside sora it was so cool
this is a part of the episode

see you around

When I'm Gone

i love this song on this video

i hope that you will enjoy it
see you around

death note

what do you think of the death note ?
in my opinion i don't getit and i don't like it ( by the way i saw 2 episode ) i didn't feel the action in it it was just talking ,talking and talking it was poring it is just in my opinion don't get made
so see you around