It eats and walks, what a sword

First post by AIr-Dragon. Hope you like my bad humor.

Anything you can do, I can do better!

hi everybody this is my first post here , i thought this so funny so i decided to share it with you

A nice Group Picture!!

Thanks for the guest poster on here! Sorry i havent posted...I will try to post more on here though. I can barely keep up both of my worlds XD Well i hope you guys like Ouran! I really recommend it,its hilarious! Have a great day and enjoy~fma17

Edward Smile

Hello every one
Edward smiles, one in which it seems scary but he is the best in hiding his deep sorrow he look Fool but still Edward

see ya

he is alive

hello every one
i finish reading naruto manga CH 449 and it was awesome how all the villager are revived it was unbelievable and how kakashi revived "he was happy with his father" but still he is alive again XD but i am so sad for nagato he lived in pain and he belived in naruto to bring the Peace
it was great CH

see ya