Wedding 24 July 2016

So, it finally happened! After 6 whole years of planning and such (We booked it way back when too) we had our wedding on the 24th of July.

There were a few hiccups, naturally. I send out invitations to the Facebook event page a long time ago (We are talking a couple of years now) so that people who wanted to go could arrange things properly and save up and I sent out the invitations in plenty of time as well.

However, I still had people who hadn't RSVPed by the deadline, people who kept promising to RSVP but never did, and also had people who HAD RSVPed suddenly drop out at the very last minute when things couldn't be changed. (So I ended up having to still pay for them! We are talking £70+ per couple that dropped out and I had quite a few.) My uncle and aunt even said they'd be coming and when I went in to the meal there were two empty seats. I was sad to be honest. But oh well, it's done and dusted now.

It was great seeing those that did show up though. I finally got to meet Felix the Cat and piggyback garu who looked External Image

For those that wish to see our photos, feel free to go have a look! (Ignore the bit that asks for your name and email address if it pops up and press continue to go straight to the gallery.)