Ended Up In Hospital Yesterday...

Yesterday my mother had an appointment at the Royal Derby Hospital at stupid o'clock in the morning. I agreed to wake up early and go with her, as she finds it very difficult to manage on her own. (Anxiety.) It was stupid to begin with, since she has to catch 3 buses to get there and I have to catch 2. And that early in the morning you can't get a zig zag. (A ticket that costs one price and you can uses unlimited times in the day.) So, yes. 6:30AM wake up sucked already. I'm not used to it anymore and on these meds it was murder.

So, she arrived at my house (1 bus ride down for her) and we set off to go catch the NEXT bus. Now... Derby is around 15 miles away and usually on this bus (It's a decent and direct service) it only takes 15 minutes. That's 1 mile for every minute. But, the traffis was ridiculous that early. Everyone was doing their morning commute to work. UGH! And as soon as I boarded, guess what happened? GURGLE GURGLE says my stomach. I just put it down to my IBS starting up, as I'd not been able to eat when I got up and I had drank a small amount of lemon and lime juice to wake myself up.

Around a few minues into the journey, I noticed it was gurgling more that it should. Half an hour (Yes, half an hour into the so-called 15 minute journey) in and it had become excruciatingly painful. I felt as if, to be blunt and gross, I really needed the toilet ASAP or I'd have a nasty accident. It was worse than I'd ever felt before.

We FINALLY arrived at the bus station after 40-odd minutes of travelling, I ran off the bus, paid 20 pence to use their toilets and voila! Ahhh, sweet relief. Or so I thought. I still felt a bit gurgly.

We then caught the NEXT bus to get to the hospital itself. During the journey, I thought that I should probably get myself some meds to stop it, as taking a half dose of diarrhea relief stops it in it's tracks. So, I went to the Boots pharmacy in the main hospital lobby and bought some.

We then went to the department that Mom needed to go to for her appointment. My belly started to make noises again and I had to dash to the toilet there. Thought nothing of it, other than the IBS carrying on. But, this time it felt like there was a lot more water involved.

My Mom then had to go get an ultrasound done in prep for her appointment and I told her that I would meet her over in Xray, which is where ultrasound is. During that time I was still on the toilet. It was then I noticed blood on my toilet paper...

I escaped the toilet went to Xray and waited for Mom to finish. I told her about it and we both agreed it may have been a blood vessel being cranky since I'd had to hold it so long.

We got back to the dept. we had been at previously, I took a diarrhea pill and thought nothing of it. Then, a few minutes later, I had to dash again. This time I vomited several times and there was more blood than before and (UGH) mucus. Not fun.

It was then I decided enough was enough, phone my GP back home and they recommended I go to the drop in centre a couple of miles away. Well... It turned out I couldn't wait that long, so I ended up at the main reception.

Next thing I know, they are wheeling me into A&E, stabbing me, drawing blood, giving me a heart trace, getting me to piss in what can only be described as a foil pie case and giving me a saline drip.

They finally sent me home at around 6:30PM, I got a lift at about 7PM. I'd been there since 8AM. I was still passing blood at home when I went, but today I've had nothing. I've been able to eat a little bit and drink without an episode.

They thought it was some kind of intestinal virus, so be careful out there people.