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Had Bad News

So, I found out today that my sister (Who is due to give birth to her first child in March) is in hospital with blood clots on the lung.

She's got large ovarian cysts (One is growing) and she's only just getting over a virus that some nice asshat decided to pass on after visiting while having a cold (Despite people being asked not to since her anti-D injection has lowered her immune system) and now this.

Apparently the night in question (3/4 days ago) she was really struggling to breathe and so she ended up at the hospital. And due to stress from not being able to breathe right she almost had the baby.

2016 sure has been a joyful year so far, hm?


So they did some scans and didn't find any clots in her legs, thank the gods. Which means she won't have to have the painful leg jabs. But she's still on oxygen in the HDU because she still can't breathe properly. They want to keep her in the HDU too just in case the baby gets distressed again.

[Update #2]

She was moved from the place she was at to a different ward, but was still in isolation so as not to get another bout of this nasty bug that's going around. Apparently the hospital is struggling to keep it at bay.

She's off oxygen now, but is still having injections (For the clots in her lungs) in her belly and is covered in bruises apparently and very sore.

[Update #3]

So today I logged in to find a post on FB by my bro-in-law who was yay-ing about the fact that they are actually letting her go home. I am surprised, since I have had friends who have had blood clots and they've been in much longer. Surprised, but happy. At least she'll be able to get some proper sleep now she's in her own house in her own bed again.

It sounds like she'll be having a long course of these drugs though, as expected. I know that depending on how severe the clots are it can be 30 weeks or longer. I'm hoping it's not as bad so she doesn't have to go through that for so long.

Just A Small Update

Got back from Cambridge on Saturday after a week visiting extended family. My wrists are stinging inside like crazy which stinks. I was really hoping to get more work done on the queue of trades and commissions I have, but it's looking likely that...

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Sorry Guys UPDATE - RIP Nan

Apologies that I've not been around. I visited my grandmother at tge end of January for her birthday. I was unable to get her present to her on the day so promised I would bring it to her when I finally received it. Unfortunately events made it aw...

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Newspapers, TV and Radio

So back in December I filmed a documentary with ProSieben TV for their program Galileo focusing on my Aquagenic Urticaria. Then in January they sent me to Berlin to see a specialist who diagnosed it as more Aquagenic Pruritis and wrote down some medication to pass to my GP for me to trial.

I was also contacted by a news agency who crammed the story all over the front pages on newspapers. (Egh!)

This afternoon I also featured on BBC WM and I chatted to the lovely Caroline Martin. (Interview in the first few minutes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01qqfjy )

The reason why I'm doing this is to raise awareness of the conditions as some folks (including health practitioners) still don't think it's a real condition and some just don't know anything about it.

I'll just go ahead and answer some FAQ for you to save time:

Q: "How do you drink?"
A: I don't drink as much as most people. I can't drink water and all liquids cause a reaction in my throat but some moreso than others. Milk and orange juice is less of a problem and I drink tea with half milk half tea.

Q: "How do you wash?"
A: Like anyone else. :P Just minimally. I can only have a bath every week or so at most and it's limited to a few minutes at a time. Other than that I use distilled witch-hazel.

Q: "How do you live since the body is made up of water?"
A: Hohoho. Yeah, well, I'd like to know that too. They still aren't sure what causes it, though some specialists think it may have something to do with mast cells or the bloods histamine levels.

Q: "How do you manage when it rains?"
A: I'm usually prepared. I have a coat with a big hood. But if I am caught out it's a case of putting up with the pain and itching until I can get home.

Q: "Is it just water?"
A: No. Any liquids. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva, oil, creams, you name it. Even things like mascara and eye pencils are a no no.

Advent Scribble

I have a Advent Scribble event hoing on over on my Facebook fan page, The Art O...

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