Interview with SimpleEmiko

I'm writing this for my buddy Alex-san, known on here as SimpleEmiko and on DA as Catfan13. This interview is technically being used in reutrn for a picture she drew me, although I requested it weeks after this interview was conducted.
Q-How long have you been drawing?
A- All my life- anime, though, only a year.

Q-Who’s you favorite canon character to draw?
A- Hmm.... i guess it'd be Fai from Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

Q- Your favorite original character to draw?
A-oh! that'd be uh- a tie between Namida and Emiko Sohma. ^^

Q-Who exactly is Namida?
A-Namida is from my story/manga Dimension 13.
She met her lover, Kajakai, when they were only five years old. She is unique because she is one of VERY few cat-people in that dimension. Kai is also a cat-person. She controls fire, and to many is known as 'the fire princess'.

Q-And Emiko Sohma?
A-She’s a Fruits Basket OC. ((Orangecola’s note: She appears in my story Butterfly Dreams))
Well, she's most certainly tomboyish, was never much of a girly-girl, pretty much violent all the time, yet very shy. She met Kyo when she was twelve, and lived with him and Shishou from then on.
... Hmm... and she has a crush on a boy in her class, named Kaji. That’s about it.

Q-What other talents do you have?
A- I play the flute- I think that’s about it, although I do write a bit.

Q-Do you mind taking requests from people?
A- I love taking requests, for one reason because I do much better with my over all art skills when someone wants me to draw something for them- it creates a goal that i normally dont have.

Q-What’s your favorite song right now?
A- Hmm... if I had to pick, It'd be 'Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum

Q-Any final thoughts for the people of DA?
A- hmm... i love kitties?
And plushies!

Ch. 3 Butterfly Dreams

It's up, so if you want to check it out, head over to my other world 'kay?
Also, SimpleEmiko has the cover art for it, so check her out aswell, the 1st draft of the cover is in my favorites.