I'm writing a story but I don't know what I'm gunna call it yet so if u have any ideas than I'm open to all suggestions. Its about a vampire that lost her memory.
I'm onley on the 1st page though.
Well heres the one page I typed on word(sorry if some stuff is spelled wrong. If something is than please tell me):

I could feel the cool air and sand on my skin and hear the ocean as it hit the shore. A place that seemed so familiar. And yet I had no clue where I was. The only thing that I could remember, was that pair of dark, cold, red eyes staring at me. Everything was black. I couldn’t remember why I was here or how I got here or where here was. I couldn’t remember anything. About twenty minuets had past since I fully gained consciousness. I tried to open my eyes, it hurt a little at first, but they finally opened all the way. I realized that I was on a beach that was empty. No sound, movement or body was there except for me, myself, and I. I tried to sit up, but my body was sore, so I just lay there for a few more minuets, until the darkness returned and it all went blank. But I do remember a voice. A boy’s voice, around ten or eleven, saying something that I couldn’t quite make out. Then I had a dream, more like a vision of something. Water. Water rushing every where. And a little sparkaly red shoe that was flaoting in it. A little girl fell in the water trying to get it. I couldn’t really see her face that well, but she appeared to be either five or six. She tried to call out for help, but the water was getting into her mouth and she could not speek. Than I heard a beeping noise and relized that I was back to reality. I strained to open my eyes and saw a face of an older lady probably in her late thirties.
She was an average sized woman wearing a white over coate, black pants and a pink, plain shirt with pockets at the bottom. Almost like the kind nurses wore.


And again, sorry if I'm not on as much any more!
Well ttyl!