Mayu's Fight Continued

Please read Mayu's Fight first. Sorry it was so short.

The head demon was there and ready to fight. "Are you ready?" asked Hagie. "Duh" Said Mayu. The demon roared and the fight began.Mayu and the demon dogged every hit. Hagie tried to help but the demon knocked him to the ground. Soon Mayu and the demon were exousted, but neither of them would give up Mayu finely hit the demon in the demon and won. Hagi got up and clapped. "well done. Now that hes finished all the other demons are free and we can kil them easier now!" Hagie said. "WHAAAATT! OTHERS!. You mean theres MORE!.Shouted Mayu. "Of course theres more , theres millions!Hehe....Well I gotta go. See you tomarow!" "GRRRRR Hagie get BACK HERE!" she shouted.I've known Hagie for a year now, and I still don't know were he lives or anything about him nor his family. sometimes I wonder If he even has a home or family. He mostly keeps to himself. I wish he would open up to me.

*BEEP* BEEP *BEEP* "UGH Oh I hope I'm not late again.Hu..Whats this a letter?"

Dear Mayu

You can skip training today. Its a reword for last night. And I'll be gone for a few days. I left you a demon sensor just in case
more come. And try not to get into trouble while I'm away!

I'll try to be back soon.


This is Hagie