I hope you like my world and my fan stuff .Oh and I'm sorry if I make spelling mistakes.These are some of my favorite anime: Inuyasha ,Tokyo Majin , Bleach , Death Note , The Vision Of Escaflone , Read or Die , Full Metal Alchemist , Trinity Blood.And theres a lot more! I LOVE Tatsuma Hyuu from Tokyo Majin. Ilove to draw, even thuogh I'm not that good.And I don't realy know that much about 'internet talk'.

I love this song
The vid is sad and
sweet at the same

And as you might guess I LOVE the color purple!
I live in the USA! I have an EVIL little two year old brother that fools every one into thinking hes harmless and cute but I know better. Hes EVIL! Don't expect my world to stay the same because I doubt that it will. I love to make changes! I was born in 1995. My hobbies are drawing, writing stories, listening to music, and watching anime, of course! So enjoy and
please feel free to edventure into my world and comment!

The Tale of The Heike

In class today we were doing a practice Achievement test and we read an awesome story and I wanted to share it with u guys! I'm just typing what I remember from what I read. So here it is: O...

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Help me!

I realy need your help anyone! With the characters I'm working on because I'm totaley stuck! Could you please PM me or comment to give me sugestions? I would realy apreciate it.

Theme Songs

I love the Tokyo Majin theme song!(miness the screaming parts) But I don't realy like Death Note's second opening. So I hope you like this vid! ...

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Hi! My EVIL little brother is being extra cranky today and its Easter! When you don't let him do whats, he starts screaming! Well I haven't got any comments on my world yet so PLEEEEEAAASSSEE tell me what you think!
I'm bored and I got nothing better to do. My little brother loves the song 'Rock Star' by Nickle Back. He makes me spin him around untile I'm so disy we fall down. And then he wants to go again! I tell ya he never stops untile hes so tiered he pinches himself just to stay awake!

Mayu's Fight Part III

Sorry I keep Stopping and writing TO Be Continued
Its just that either I run out of time or I run out of ideas. But anyway enjoy!

"WHAAATT!" Cried Mayu "A FEW DAYS? I swere when he gets back I'll..." *Scrach* *Scrach* It was Tie ,her pet kitten. "Tie tie there you are!" Mayu said "I was getting worried Uh O you hungry hu!" She got up and filled her bowl. "There you go!" "Mayu!" Yelled a happy voice. "Its kumakie!" she said quitetly to herself I'm coming Mayu yelled out the window. "Soooo, where were you last night?" Asked Kumakie "N-No where why?" Replied Mayu.

"Thats funny , because I called your house last night and you didn't answer." "M-Mabey I Was Sleeping." "At 6:30pm ,I don't think so. you were out with Hagie again , Weren't you?" "N-Nooo! I wasen't. Its not like that me and Hagie are just friends, thats all." "Suuuuuure whatever." "Honestly!"

To Be Continued.......