I hope you like my world and my fan stuff .Oh and I'm sorry if I make spelling mistakes.These are some of my favorite anime: Inuyasha ,Tokyo Majin , Bleach , Death Note , The Vision Of Escaflone , Read or Die , Full Metal Alchemist , Trinity Blood.And theres a lot more! I LOVE Tatsuma Hyuu from Tokyo Majin. Ilove to draw, even thuogh I'm not that good.And I don't realy know that much about 'internet talk'.

I love this song
The vid is sad and
sweet at the same

And as you might guess I LOVE the color purple!
I live in the USA! I have an EVIL little two year old brother that fools every one into thinking hes harmless and cute but I know better. Hes EVIL! Don't expect my world to stay the same because I doubt that it will. I love to make changes! I was born in 1995. My hobbies are drawing, writing stories, listening to music, and watching anime, of course! So enjoy and
please feel free to edventure into my world and comment!


YAY I got taged Only this is a different kind of tag. U just right ur fav things click here 2 find out more
Well Here I go:
1.)Fav. anime/manga - TOKYO MAJIN!!!!

2.)Fav. movie - I am Legend (Even though it made me When the guy had 2 kill his only best friend/dog T-T

3.)Fav. character - Kyoko Tohno (Tokyo Majin)

4.) book(novel/nonmanga) - Twilight!!!!!

5.) tv show(non anime) - Monk

6.) your favorite of your very own oc's - Mizu

7.) Video Game - Sudeki

8.) Your anime crush - Tatsuma!!!!!!! (Tokyo Majin)

9.) favorite color - Purple
Well thats about it. Comment if u wanna be taged!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta go back in TWO days! 2 the scary midle school!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gunna be in 7th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But on the the bright side my birthday day will be in like 1 month! And my book bag looks AWESOME!! But just 2 warn u I might not be for a while once school gets going and everything cause my bffl
said that Navigator get a lot more HW than aviators (We're seperated into 2 groups. I don't even understand in myself) But if I don't comment on ur work or posts than I am soooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!!!!!!

Well enough of school heres Linkin Park with Leave Out All The Rest.
(I LUV this song)

Btw if u want 2 email me then my email address is [email protected] I barely get any mail and I always check it almost every day!

Another funny card

Heres another one

Funny Cards

My family friend Denies sometimes emails cute little pics 2 me. She gets them from her friend at wprk. She's also my library buddy Well heres one of the cards



Okay I need ur help choosing my new avatar I got three choices so pls help