I hope you like my world and my fan stuff .Oh and I'm sorry if I make spelling mistakes.These are some of my favorite anime: Inuyasha ,Tokyo Majin , Bleach , Death Note , The Vision Of Escaflone , Read or Die , Full Metal Alchemist , Trinity Blood.And theres a lot more! I LOVE Tatsuma Hyuu from Tokyo Majin. Ilove to draw, even thuogh I'm not that good.And I don't realy know that much about 'internet talk'.

I love this song
The vid is sad and
sweet at the same

And as you might guess I LOVE the color purple!
I live in the USA! I have an EVIL little two year old brother that fools every one into thinking hes harmless and cute but I know better. Hes EVIL! Don't expect my world to stay the same because I doubt that it will. I love to make changes! I was born in 1995. My hobbies are drawing, writing stories, listening to music, and watching anime, of course! So enjoy and
please feel free to edventure into my world and comment!


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Its like the awesomest website ever =]
You should join!
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HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!

Happy Halloween every body!!!!!!
I Halloween its my favoritest holiday!
Well have a horrific Halloween!


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I'm writing a story but I don't know what I'm gunna call it yet so if u have any ideas than I'm open to all suggestions. Its about a vampire that lost her memory. I'm onley on the 1st page though. Well heres the one page I typed on wor...

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Sneak peek

Heres a sneak peek of the project that I working on Its for darkatana's contest. Its Itachi as a girl I drawing this with my mouse on the computer and I'm almost done This is a lot harder than it looks @[email protected] Well keep an eye out for it cause I'm almost done

Isn't he/she pertty