Tagged yet again... yay?

Okay so this time I was tagged by TheYummyIdeal
(I'm not posting more questions or tagging anyone in this though, sorry guys)
1. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
2. If your life was a movie what genre would it be?
It would be an action film! just kidding. I'd probably get stuck with the boring documentary type of thing.
3. If you like chocolate what's your favorite kind? (ex. Dark, White, w/ Nuts)
White chocolate all the way! also I like milk chocolate.
4. So it's a Friday night, your watching TV. Suddenly... A breaking news report, a zombie outbreak has arisen! You peep out the window and see staggering people and dead people laying on the streets what do you do?
I'll just stay in my home, hope nothing comes in my house. but if something did I'd try to go to my car and drive away from the place. Find a place with weapons or food supplies. Or both, I mean you need weapons but you also need food to survive.
5. (If you watched or read the Hunger Games, you should be fine.) So you live in a district, separate from the others. when finally it's time to see the two people who have to go compete in the Hunger Games. Your name get's called unfortunately. After a few weeks of training it's finally time. The arena appears to be a forest/plain, with the backpacks all laying in the Cornucopia.
(Be honest here) What would be your fate in the Hunger Games?
I'd be the first to die if I ran to the cornucopia. So I'd turn and run for the forest. But I'd probably die anyway, I wouldn't know how to hunt, or I'd die by eating something poisonous. The sad life of me. XD
6. If you had to be a famous person who did something famous (only 1!!) What famous thing would you have done?
ACTING! (I actually don't have any that comes to mind)
7. So pretend it's Thanksgiving dinner, if you could get a person or a group of people to visit you that night who would it/they be? (ex. 1 Direction, The Myth Busters, ME!, dead relative or person...?)
I'd just probably get my family, someone like Chef Irvine OH MY GOSH THAT'D BE THE BEST THING EVER!!!! and someof my friends, that's my group of people
8. If you could meet a God, Goddess, Monster, or Hero from Greek Mythology who would it be?
Eiter Posiden, or Zeus... Don't know why -_-;.
9. Pretend you invented a super machine that could make 1 food, forever until you, your children, grandchildren and so forth die. What food would it be?
My mom's chicken she used to make my family. Mm~ chicken. ^__^
10. Have you ever had a pen pal?
once but we haven't wrote to eachother in ever. I don't even know there mailing address, this is when I was in grade school so it's been a long time actually...
11. Finally, What is your favorite ice cream flavor of all time that you would eat if you couldn't eat any other flavor?
Mint Chocola- Neapo- eh~ I don't know I love mint chocolate chip but I grew up eating Neapolitan icecream. So it's a tie, but if I HAVE to choose, I go with Neapolitan icream.