Letter Tag

Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up. Use different answers than the person in front of you.
(Swiped this from Artgrrl, hahaha!

1. What is your last name - Guinn

2. An Animal - Gemsbok

3. A boy’s name - GILBERT!!!

4. A girl’s name - Galena

5. An Occupation - Gunner

6. A Color - Green (Haha! Unoriginal I am.)

7. Something you wear - Glasses!

8. A Beverage - Guinness XD

9. A Food - GRAPES!! :D

10. Something found in the bathroom - Germs... EWW!! D:

11. A Place - GERMANY!!

12. A reason for being late - GREAT SCOT!! THE ALIENS LANDED AND-

13. Something you shout - GODZIRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

I've tagged you if you want to do it! XD