Chapter 0

Stories usually have heroes. Endings that make your heart warm or make feel so surprised that the ending was like that. Every time you read it or watch it, it will make you see a different view or a different conclusion compared to your first time reading it.

Here is a story that doesn’t really have all of those. Something that doesn’t really keep you at the edge of your seat. A little something, that might be interesting, but not a lot.

This will be a story about a guy. A very average guy. A guy that just lives life day by day. Not really exploring, not really maximizing what life has to offer.

I’m pretty sure very few people will understand what this person is going through with his life. Or it might affect more people than expected.

Given that some people will greatly discriminate this. Will completely ignore and shut this down, that will be a complete given. And let’s face it. This part you’re reading right now doesn’t really deserve to be called a chapter. It’s just a crappy starter that this guy wrote with no writing experience at all.

Everyone can write. This is what we were taught since we started to use our fingers. Some people can write neatly, a lot of people can’t write neatly to save their life. But sometimes, something magical happens. Things happen for no reason at all. But when magic happens, well, it just does.

Someone said that great minds think alike. Well did the person that say that have a greater mind that he was able to see what great minds think?

Am I still making any sense?

Anyway, hopefully you guys are still hanging in there.

This will be the start of my story.

The story of a guy that barely sees the world and life passing him by.