So this is my new world, as you can see "Average Me." This world is about how average life is, but how creative and crazy it can be. I somewhat based the idea of this world from another website called "MLIA" or "My Life is Average." I myself am a very opinionated person who definitely will always have something to say.

A Little about Me!
Name: Brittany (but call me Bri!)
Gender: Chic (Female)
Birthday: April 23, 1994
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Color: Purple, Neon Green, Black, Hot Pink, Silver, Electric Blue
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ova, Black Butler II, Death Note, Darker than Black, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Digimon, Rosario + Vampire, Shuffle!... Probably more to come! ^_^
Favorite Manga: Black Butler, Inuyasha, Skip Beat, Death Note, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Bleach, Hellsing, Ramna 1/2, Maide-Sama, Trinity Blood, Sakura Hime
Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon Series, Mortal Kombat Series, Mario Series, Soul Calibur Series,Ace Attorney Series, Sonic Series, Tony Hawk, Diddy Kong Racing, Pac Man, Frogger, Twisted Metal, Guitar Hero Series, Animal Crossing Series, Batman Arkham Series, Donkey Country Series
Dislikes: gossip, talk of politics, mathematics, chemistry, cows
Hobbies: Drawing, Video Game player, Read (mangas usually)
Scene/Style: Punk, skater chic, hint of nerd, hint of prep
Located: United States
Dream Job: Pokemon Trainer or a Crusnik! (Just Kidding) Maybe and EMT or something, tattoo artist
Current Job: A Cashier at a dollar store
Places to See: Japan, Rome, Canada, London
Education: Meh, somewhat smart, kinda lazy (Gots a high school diploma)
Common Mood: Oblivious, sleepy, lazy
Otaku Artists I Admire: ItachiSasuke, LGA775, MangaKid, Klassic, KK Slider, Hanako Sho, XNotUnderstood, Aria Sky, wingedshadowwolf, luicifers wife, Bleachic, Natsakura
Besties: MangaKid, LGA775, ItachiSasuke, PinkPuffly99, lucifers wife, Honeybear91494
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3118-8204

Coolest Book Ever! :D

Hey guys check out this cool picture I found on facebook!!! If this book was real I would would be super happy and would read it a thousand times Totally made my day, hope it makes yours too ^^

"Average Me"

Easter Break ^^

I'm so excited for Easter Break ^^ (We call it easter break instead of spiring break cause I go to a Catholic school and a our break is shorter than the average spring break) I can finally kick back and let go I won't have to worry about stupid chemistry or evil pre calculus and I don't have to worry about homework or due dates :D Hopefully I can get a few sketches and drawings done so I can post them online. All I can say is that I am relieved ;) "Average Me"

Graduation Photos

So everyone knows that I'm a Senior in High school and will be graduating in May. So I had to do some graduation photos for my friends and invitations for my family and guests. (My photos are based on nature/ outside). Since Ohio is bi-polar with weather and all it was really warm like last week and then got really cold again. My aunt deciding to do my photos fro me but she chose a chilly week to do them!!! I was running around in a skirt and dress and it was so uncomfortable and it was like the worst three hours of my life! But I'm relieved that it's over I will be getting my pictures Sunday and I can't wait to see them, I hope they turned out well ^^ If I can my post a few in this world. "Average Me"


So my sister had to find an animal to draw for her art class. She printed off a photo of a cute fox at first, but she wasn't very fond it so went online to find another picture and look at it:

Isn't he or she a cutie pie ^^ It's not my puppy just in case you were wondering but I do have a beagle and he is a sweetie ^^ He's a lot bigger and a bit chubby but all the more of him to love. Yay! for cute puppies

Stupid Prom Junk :/

Alright so Prom is coming up in May so thats kinda soon. So seniors and juniors get to go to Prom. I have like one senior friend and a few junior friends. I was like we should hang before Prom and go as a group and just have fun, But NO all of them want to take dates I was all like thats stupid wouldn't you rather hang with your friends and have fun instead of following a guy around and hanging with his guy friends. I don't see what the point in having a date is. Yeah maybe taking a guy to one of your proms is alright but you don't have to take them to both. It really upsets me that they'd rather be with a guy then their close friends I don't mind taking a guy to prom or anything like that but that shouldn't be a reason to not go to Prom. And another reason is "Oh I'm too fat to fit in my Prom dress" or "I won't be able to fit in my dress by prom" I'm like WHATEVER! Go buy a damn dress that fits then. I can't say I know how it feels to be to fat for a dress cause I have high metabolism and am a vegatarian. I still think my friends are just being bitchy drama queens about the whole prom thing. I'm going by myself and don't mind at all, yeah it would be nice to have a guy to go with but if he isn't a close friend or my boyfriend then I would rather go alone then with some random guy from my class who I barely talk to! People are just being stupid and ridiculous.
If you read this whole post then thanks I'm glad you reached this far and I would love to hear your opinion too ^^ and I apologize that I went ranting on for a really long time but it really ticks me off