So this is my new world, as you can see "Average Me." This world is about how average life is, but how creative and crazy it can be. I somewhat based the idea of this world from another website called "MLIA" or "My Life is Average." I myself am a very opinionated person who definitely will always have something to say.

A Little about Me!
Name: Brittany (but call me Bri!)
Gender: Chic (Female)
Birthday: April 23, 1994
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Color: Purple, Neon Green, Black, Hot Pink, Silver, Electric Blue
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ova, Black Butler II, Death Note, Darker than Black, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Digimon, Rosario + Vampire, Shuffle!... Probably more to come! ^_^
Favorite Manga: Black Butler, Inuyasha, Skip Beat, Death Note, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Bleach, Hellsing, Ramna 1/2, Maide-Sama, Trinity Blood, Sakura Hime
Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon Series, Mortal Kombat Series, Mario Series, Soul Calibur Series,Ace Attorney Series, Sonic Series, Tony Hawk, Diddy Kong Racing, Pac Man, Frogger, Twisted Metal, Guitar Hero Series, Animal Crossing Series, Batman Arkham Series, Donkey Country Series
Dislikes: gossip, talk of politics, mathematics, chemistry, cows
Hobbies: Drawing, Video Game player, Read (mangas usually)
Scene/Style: Punk, skater chic, hint of nerd, hint of prep
Located: United States
Dream Job: Pokemon Trainer or a Crusnik! (Just Kidding) Maybe and EMT or something, tattoo artist
Current Job: A Cashier at a dollar store
Places to See: Japan, Rome, Canada, London
Education: Meh, somewhat smart, kinda lazy (Gots a high school diploma)
Common Mood: Oblivious, sleepy, lazy
Otaku Artists I Admire: ItachiSasuke, LGA775, MangaKid, Klassic, KK Slider, Hanako Sho, XNotUnderstood, Aria Sky, wingedshadowwolf, luicifers wife, Bleachic, Natsakura
Besties: MangaKid, LGA775, ItachiSasuke, PinkPuffly99, lucifers wife, Honeybear91494
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3118-8204

Some People -_-

I'm not trying to be winny or complain, BUT some people are starting to any me! They try to help me in life and think I'm not capable of a damn thing. Please honey I can find my own boyfriend I don't need you to "hook me up" I can find a job and make all my dreams come true without you. Your advice is helpful but sometimes it's just plain stupid and I don't follow it. So yeah let me be, I got this. Lol ^^

Seven Deadly Sins

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are You?


I'm personally Sloth! *shocker* I was always a lazy person in life and carefree. I never liked sports but I always played video games. I sleep constantly and love to be at watching tv or whatever else it may be. I use to eat a lot of junk food but now I'm doing better. I didn't like school and I hate anything that has to do with work >.< I'm not very active with exercise and all but I plan to go on more walks and get myself into better shape. My bubbly attitude, silly jokes, and inner beauty, and unending love for others help people realize that even as sloth, I'm still a great person. Sloth is part of me and always will be. Even as a deadly sin, it's not so deadly in my perspective.
"Average Me"

I Miss You All :(

I haven't been online in FOREVER! and I miss you guys all so much!!! Hopefully I will be back soon. It sucks not getting online at least once a week or even once a month! I'm sorry. Hopefully I will be able to come back real soon. *hugs to all!* Love you guys <3
"Average Me"

It's been awhile!

Hey everyone it's been awhile (obviously). I hope you are all doing well and starting off the new year in a good way. I really miss you all so much and I haven't been online in FOREVER! Unfortunately the year for me hasn't started well, I had to drop out of my EMS class because of my inability to get a license within time and pay for car insurance too -_- I also got bad new that I won't have any medical insurance after I turn 19. My life is falling apart before my eyes, but I have to pick up the pieces and start from the beginning. I'm a little sad now and don't really know what to do with myself. I really enjoyed the class and the people in it, I'm gonna miss all the hard work, but for now it's the best for me and my family. I guess I will start by finding a job that I would like. Well I gotta go. Hope to hear from you all soon.
"Average Me"
<3 Bri-chan

Tagging Around


1. Quickly think of the longest word you know and [try to] write out the definition! Um… jeez I don’t know any long words.

2. What is the most precious thing (or person) to you at the moment? I guess my favorite thing is my 3DS it keeps me occupied. And I have so many precious people in my life now.

3. When I say “blue” what is the first thing you think of? The sky!

4. What is a dream you’d wish would come true? Ooohhh, I had this dream once that Alucard (from Hellsing) and Sebastian (from Black Butler) were trying to save me from these really mean people inside a fancy church. I <3 Sebastian and Alucard.

5. Name one thing that you would fight for? I will always fight for happiness fro myself and for others
6. The last song you’ve listened to. Is it your favourite song? Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato. No it’s not my favorite, but I have sooo many favorites :D

7. The last thing that you remember dreaming about. Hhhmm… I was eating a white piece of bread in my living room, lol

8. Name someone(s) on theO that have inspired you, as well as someone else in real life. Oh sheesh, there are a lot of people on theO that have inspired me I can’t name you all. I find Lady Gaga to be inspiring in real life (if that counts).

9. WHY? Everyone on theO gives great advice and displays amazing art. I couldn’t ask to be around a better group of people. Lady Gaga, it’s a long story…
10. Were these questions boring? No of course not! ^^

skitty999 11 questions:
1. What is your theme song?

2. If you could have any job... what would it be? To work at a videogame store

3. Favourite character? Sebastian

4. Favourite person? I’m not really sure right now, lol

5. Why to both 3 and 4? Cause he’s hot and funny, and super awesome! :D

6. Favourite muscle? The Heart, it keeps me alive

7. If there was a zombie apocalypse what would you do? Grab a chainsaw and fight!

8. If you could meet a dinosaur, which one would it be?

9. What country would you live in if you had a choice? Japan, its such a creative place!

10. If you could play any instrument what would it be? Guitar or piano

11. What is your favourite saying? “Normal’s Over rated” –House

My 11 Q’s for yous:

1.What celebrity would you marry?

2.What’s your favorite movie?

3.If you could be the queen of England, what would you do first?


5.If you could become an anime character what anime would you be in?

6.What video game character best describes you?


8.What do you live for?

9.What’s your catchphrase?

10.What piece of advice to you give to others?

11.Ninjas or Pirates?

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