So this is my new world, as you can see "Average Me." This world is about how average life is, but how creative and crazy it can be. I somewhat based the idea of this world from another website called "MLIA" or "My Life is Average." I myself am a very opinionated person who definitely will always have something to say.

A Little about Me!
Name: Brittany (but call me Bri!)
Gender: Chic (Female)
Birthday: April 23, 1994
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Color: Purple, Neon Green, Black, Hot Pink, Silver, Electric Blue
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ova, Black Butler II, Death Note, Darker than Black, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Digimon, Rosario + Vampire, Shuffle!... Probably more to come! ^_^
Favorite Manga: Black Butler, Inuyasha, Skip Beat, Death Note, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Bleach, Hellsing, Ramna 1/2, Maide-Sama, Trinity Blood, Sakura Hime
Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon Series, Mortal Kombat Series, Mario Series, Soul Calibur Series,Ace Attorney Series, Sonic Series, Tony Hawk, Diddy Kong Racing, Pac Man, Frogger, Twisted Metal, Guitar Hero Series, Animal Crossing Series, Batman Arkham Series, Donkey Country Series
Dislikes: gossip, talk of politics, mathematics, chemistry, cows
Hobbies: Drawing, Video Game player, Read (mangas usually)
Scene/Style: Punk, skater chic, hint of nerd, hint of prep
Located: United States
Dream Job: Pokemon Trainer or a Crusnik! (Just Kidding) Maybe and EMT or something, tattoo artist
Current Job: A Cashier at a dollar store
Places to See: Japan, Rome, Canada, London
Education: Meh, somewhat smart, kinda lazy (Gots a high school diploma)
Common Mood: Oblivious, sleepy, lazy
Otaku Artists I Admire: ItachiSasuke, LGA775, MangaKid, Klassic, KK Slider, Hanako Sho, XNotUnderstood, Aria Sky, wingedshadowwolf, luicifers wife, Bleachic, Natsakura
Besties: MangaKid, LGA775, ItachiSasuke, PinkPuffly99, lucifers wife, Honeybear91494
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3118-8204

Update on Me

Hey-O! It feels like I haven't been on in forever! About 2 weeks I'm estimating I haven't done much lately but I'm trying to find a job again, I'm thinking about applying at a local thrift shop :) I was gonna apply at a new clothing store at our mall but the place never showed up. What the hell? But I have been playing Soul Calibur IV and V. They are super fun! ^.^ I also have been hanging out with some friends lately too (Which never ever happens cause I'm a loser) I went to the thrift store the other day and scored an Evanescence CD and a 3D Puzzle. It's some castle that I have never heard of but me and my brother have been working on it for like a week now and we are halfway there XD totally stoked about all that fun stuff. Oh man then I realized that I wasn't taking this one pill for the last 3 months (cause I switched doctors and they got everything all confused) and I was suppose too and now all the side effects are kicking in again, I'm always super sleepy *yawn*. I guess I have been listening to a lot of Black Veil Brides (love them!!! )Chapter 82 of Black Butler just came out and I downloaded on my ipod just like 10 minutes ago lol. And I am almost done with Sailor Moon (so adorable!) but non of the libraries in the area have book 12 (Are you freaking kidding me? )So I guess that's all that's been new recently. Talk to you all later! ^^
"Average Me"

A Little Update

Hey-O! You missed me? Lol, All is the same for me (Yeah since like January). Which is really upsetting to me. I haven't driven since like November -_- and I probably won't get my license anytime soon either -_- (I can't find anyone to teach me, everyone basically bailed on me!) I haven't found a job that suites me (I have basically given up on that too!) I feel like I'm such a disappointment to my family and friends :'( I know my mom said she didn't care if I lived with her forever and support me, but that's not something my parents should have to do. My younger siblings say I'm a deadbeat I know they only say it out of anger and they don't mean it, but sometimes I take it personally. I keep letting my anxiety disorder get in the way and the fear of being around complete strangers is no help. I'm just describing how I feel right now, I don't want pity from any of you :) On the bright side summer has been really fun, I have been getting a lot closer with my friends and I've gotten to play some great video games too these past few weeks. Like Super Mario Bros. Wii,Animal Crossing New Leaf, Batman: Arkham City SPOILER ALERT:(Did you know Joker dies in the end?, how depressing, he's my favorite villain after all, he can't just die). I also have been reading Sailor Moon, how adorable. I love it so much, It's officially one of my favorites. I just need to read Volume 12 and I have completed the manga series! :) I guess that's all I have to say for now & I will be back next week. Talk to you all soon! ^.^
"Average Me"

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is coming out in 4 more days to North America! I'm so stoked >0< I'm hoping to get it when it comes out or really soon after. Similar to all the past Animal Crossings (Animal Crossing GameCube, Animal Crossing: Wild World DS, Animal Crossing: City Folk Wii) except it's more personal and customizable (is that even a word, lol). I have seen many previews but I think what excites me the most about this game is the ability to make your character look like a nintendo hero (like Link :D) and that your character can go swimming in the ocean/ river. There are also a lot of new animal friends to made in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (I'm so excited!!!!!)
"Average Me"


Hey guys! It feels like forever since I have been actively online. (A little over a week I believe, I feel like such a caveman -_-). Nothing much is going on right now, except that my brother and sister have graduated from junior high and are going to be little high school freshmen this coming year :') They grow up so fast! Oh and I have some friends who just graduated from high school this past Sunday, I'm so happy for them ^^ I remember when I graduated it felt just like yesterday, time sure does fly, better not waste it. Do the things you love and enjoy the most! ^^ Talk soon guys :)

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I know it's still in a few days, but I'm not sure when I will be back online. I just wanted to say awesome my mother is. My mom is the most kind, funny, supportive, caring, loving, and most bestest mom ever. She always puts me and the twins before herself. She always supports my decisions in life so far (like not going to college). My mom will always be the one I look up to and for advice. She gives the best advice. I always love talking to her because we laugh and can be honest about things. My mom always stood up for me when other people put me down. I will never forget back a few years ago when I was really sick and we didn't know what was wrong. She went with me to every doctors appointment and would drive me to the E.R. even if it was 1 in the morning. I swear in that whole year of being sick I went to the E.R. at least twice a month and was visiting different doctors every month. When I went through a long depression she was there with me through all of it. The best of advice she gave me was "Don't let other people get to you, just be yourself". And now I follow this advice everyday and have become my own person standing up to others and not letting people get in my way. I can never repay all the wonderful things shes done for me and I know my siblings feel the same way. On Mother's Day she doesn't ask for a gift nor really wants one, I guess we are her gift, the 3 children she loves the most and could not live without of. So this post is for you mom, I love you and will for an eternity.

"Average is my Mom and so is Me"