So this is my new world, as you can see "Average Me." This world is about how average life is, but how creative and crazy it can be. I somewhat based the idea of this world from another website called "MLIA" or "My Life is Average." I myself am a very opinionated person who definitely will always have something to say.

A Little about Me!
Name: Brittany (but call me Bri!)
Gender: Chic (Female)
Birthday: April 23, 1994
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Color: Purple, Neon Green, Black, Hot Pink, Silver, Electric Blue
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ova, Black Butler II, Death Note, Darker than Black, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Digimon, Rosario + Vampire, Shuffle!... Probably more to come! ^_^
Favorite Manga: Black Butler, Inuyasha, Skip Beat, Death Note, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Bleach, Hellsing, Ramna 1/2, Maide-Sama, Trinity Blood, Sakura Hime
Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon Series, Mortal Kombat Series, Mario Series, Soul Calibur Series,Ace Attorney Series, Sonic Series, Tony Hawk, Diddy Kong Racing, Pac Man, Frogger, Twisted Metal, Guitar Hero Series, Animal Crossing Series, Batman Arkham Series, Donkey Country Series
Dislikes: gossip, talk of politics, mathematics, chemistry, cows
Hobbies: Drawing, Video Game player, Read (mangas usually)
Scene/Style: Punk, skater chic, hint of nerd, hint of prep
Located: United States
Dream Job: Pokemon Trainer or a Crusnik! (Just Kidding) Maybe and EMT or something, tattoo artist
Current Job: A Cashier at a dollar store
Places to See: Japan, Rome, Canada, London
Education: Meh, somewhat smart, kinda lazy (Gots a high school diploma)
Common Mood: Oblivious, sleepy, lazy
Otaku Artists I Admire: ItachiSasuke, LGA775, MangaKid, Klassic, KK Slider, Hanako Sho, XNotUnderstood, Aria Sky, wingedshadowwolf, luicifers wife, Bleachic, Natsakura
Besties: MangaKid, LGA775, ItachiSasuke, PinkPuffly99, lucifers wife, Honeybear91494
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3118-8204

Chemistry -_-

So today in chemistry we were balancing equations and finding the product side of the equation. So my teacher was all like asking me questions and I didn't know the answers -_- So I answered one and got it totally wrong and he like flipped out!!! His face got red and I got super nervous and wanted to cry cause I was so scared. I made it without a tear or puking in that class :) He is a great teacher but can be super mean and grumpy. And he didn't even apologize for yelling at me. So now I'm all like whatever and still a little nervous and I might just cry, but I'm glad the school day is almost over. And I can wait to graduate in May "Average Me" :'(

This is Me!

Hey! so here's what I look like from behind the computer :)Hope I didn't scare anyone ;/

<3 Bri

Our Highschool Musical

Okay so today I went with my younger sister to our highschools musical. It was The Wizard of Oz. For a musical it had great effects and the chracters were amazing. I went to support soome of my close friends and to see the which melt. It was great I'm so proud of the people in the play and my friends :) "Average Me"

Photoshop Help!!!

Alright I'm using photoshop 10.0 at my school to make some wallpapers and cards. All I really want to know is how to I make a layer transparent? I basically want to make a photo with a background photo seeping through it making it transparent. I have read some tips on theO and online but nothing is helping understand and I have tried sooo many things
Heres an example of what I mean:

As you can see (look really hard) there are some transparent effects throughout the photo.
Please help me understand layers better!

Hair Styles and Pie :D

So today I decided to get my hair cut and stuff. I grow hair super fast and it just sucks cause its naturally curly and in the way Besides the point at the end the hair chick (cosmotologist) used this moose made by Bed Head and it smelled like Lemon Merginue pie!!!!! I was all like whoa! and stuff. So now my hair looks hot and smells awesome. I have been smelling for the past 4 hours. SOOOO YUMMY "Average Me"