So this is my new world, as you can see "Average Me." This world is about how average life is, but how creative and crazy it can be. I somewhat based the idea of this world from another website called "MLIA" or "My Life is Average." I myself am a very opinionated person who definitely will always have something to say.

A Little about Me!
Name: Brittany (but call me Bri!)
Gender: Chic (Female)
Birthday: April 23, 1994
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Color: Purple, Neon Green, Black, Hot Pink, Silver, Electric Blue
Favorite Anime: Black Butler, Trinity Blood, Hellsing Ova, Black Butler II, Death Note, Darker than Black, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Pokemon, Digimon, Rosario + Vampire, Shuffle!... Probably more to come! ^_^
Favorite Manga: Black Butler, Inuyasha, Skip Beat, Death Note, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Bleach, Hellsing, Ramna 1/2, Maide-Sama, Trinity Blood, Sakura Hime
Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon Series, Mortal Kombat Series, Mario Series, Soul Calibur Series,Ace Attorney Series, Sonic Series, Tony Hawk, Diddy Kong Racing, Pac Man, Frogger, Twisted Metal, Guitar Hero Series, Animal Crossing Series, Batman Arkham Series, Donkey Country Series
Dislikes: gossip, talk of politics, mathematics, chemistry, cows
Hobbies: Drawing, Video Game player, Read (mangas usually)
Scene/Style: Punk, skater chic, hint of nerd, hint of prep
Located: United States
Dream Job: Pokemon Trainer or a Crusnik! (Just Kidding) Maybe and EMT or something, tattoo artist
Current Job: A Cashier at a dollar store
Places to See: Japan, Rome, Canada, London
Education: Meh, somewhat smart, kinda lazy (Gots a high school diploma)
Common Mood: Oblivious, sleepy, lazy
Otaku Artists I Admire: ItachiSasuke, LGA775, MangaKid, Klassic, KK Slider, Hanako Sho, XNotUnderstood, Aria Sky, wingedshadowwolf, luicifers wife, Bleachic, Natsakura
Besties: MangaKid, LGA775, ItachiSasuke, PinkPuffly99, lucifers wife, Honeybear91494
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3118-8204

A Christmas Update!!!

Hello everyone! It has been quite awhile, I honestly don't remember the last time of been on (at least six months, I believe ^^'). I guess to start off my update I'll wish everyone a happy holidays... so Happy Holidays everyone, may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So nothing much has changed since I've been online... I'm super lame. I'm still a cashier at the local Dollar Tree in my hometown. i've made a lot of new friends and even have a really sweet boyfriend whom I love very much. I don"t remember if I told you guys I dyed my hair black at the beginning of the new year of 2014, but now it"s finally back to my natural brown color. I've basically been working, sleeping, eating, and hanging out with friends when I get the chance. When I first joined theO I was still in high school and now I'm in the adult world! Time goes by so fast, but I'm cherishing every moment of it! Uh... let's see, I have some great reviews on some new video games I've played in the past few months. Two great games to check out are "Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (or Omega Ruby, your choice)." For Christmas I got lots of Candy and all kinds of wonderful gifts, too many to tell really, so I'll just give you a highlight of a few. From my best friend I received a pair of pokemon socks and one of my favorite pokemon movies, From my cousin I received a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt and a matching bracelet. From my amazing boyfriend I received an Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Jacket and two Black Butler mangas... there is so much more, but I haven't the time nor do you. So I'll end with this... It's been a wonderful year and I hope the same for all of you, and may we all have many more fantastic years to come! Once again Happy Holidays, and much come to you for the new year.

Good night and farewell my friends!
With Love, Brittany

Flipnote Studio 3D

I have been waiting for Flipnote Studio 3D to be released for about a year and a half and am super excited about it. I first heard of it through, younger cousins who had Flipnote Studio downloaded on their DSi. They showed me all these cool mini video clips people created by just drawing in frames and editing it to their style. Last year in May it was announced that it would no longer be downloadable on the DSi for there would be Flipnote Studio 3D only downloadable for 3DS. Like I said I was super excited and have been waiting for it to come out since the day my cousins showed it to me, unfortunately there was a delay in the Japan release causing all the releases to be backed up and delayed. It was released in Japan July 24, 2013. Then it was to be released to Europe and America in August, but there were too many people using the server and basically caused the app to load slowly and error messages.They said they would release to us five months after August, but as you can tell there is still no arrival. I swear I heard Europe just had theirs released but I am not to certain, and North America is still TBD -_- But beside the point of taking forever to be released I decided to discuss this because I thought there would be a lot of awesome artists on here who might be interested or who are just like me and can't wait for its release. I just hope Nintendo will stop screwing around and release it to us already. Well that's all I guess I really had to say. Here is a video sample to show you what it's Flipnote Studio is like:

When it is to be released you'll find it in the Nintendo e-shop and it will be a free app.

New World Created

Hey guys, since I will be able to get on more often, I decided to make another world. This world is dedicted to one of my favorite video game series and video game characters. It's non other than Professor Layton! I love Porfessor Layton and all his fun adventures! Too bad there aren't many gentlemen out there like him, lol. Right now its a littl dull but I edited an made it th way I wanted it. I think I will start by posting character portfolios and then branching off from there. Hope to see some of you there! ^^

It's Been Awhile

Hey everyone! It's been quite sometime hasn't it? Well some good news and some bad news. I broke up with the guy is was with some time ago and it took me forever to get over it. I'm not sure to this day if I am completely 100% over him. But I"ve decided to move on and keep my head up high. The good news is the we finally got internet streaming throughout the house! I'm so totally stoked about it. I can't think of anything more to post, so thats that :)

It's Been a Roller Coaster!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and such! *hugs everyone* This month has been one crazy ride. First sadness and then great joy. I will tell the bad news first. my chemistry teacher passed away earlier this month :( He was super dedicated to his students, the staff, and just the school itself. He was a bit sarcastic and sometimes cruel in a funny way. It was a sudden and completely unexpected death, he was only 55 years old. He had an infection in his stomach the weekend before he died and went to the hospital. They thought nothing much of it and gave him some antibiotics and sent him home. He came to school and went home sick, it was his fist sick day he ever took at the school and no one ever knew it was going to be his last. He apparently was checking into the hospital but never made it, he was found in the bathroom floor of his dead and alone by the principal and vice principal. It was a grim story and a sad time for everyone. But everyone payed their respects through facebook and twitter. And they had a wonderful memorial ceremony where we watched a video on all about him. Pictures of him, videos of him, and even the twitter and facebook posts. I will be missed dearly by everyone at the sachool and his family. But I believe God only takes the best. Now for the better news! I finally got a job! ^^' (What a relief!) I am a cashier and shelf stocker and the local dollar store. This was my first week and I went under some training, I'm still learning the ropes, but I'm very confident in myself. Most of my managers and co-workers are really nice and sometimes they can be funny. I wanted to thank all my friends here on theO who pushed me and always believed in me when I didn't even believe in me ^^' Well that"s how this month has been. More good things to end this month with I'm sure. I"m going to a halloween party and handed candy out to trick-or-treaters too.
Bye for now! ^.^
"Average Me"
<3 Bri