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I are being ninja :3

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Toushiro is EPIC! xD
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May 9 2009

There's a Martial Arts tournament at the YMCA today! Huzza! >:3 This would be my second tournament, and I'm really excited about this. It's a huge thing because well over half my school is going (or at least they said they were) so it's g...

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May 6 2009

Well, it's all fun and games until someone get's their head blown off. Or cut off by Kempachi. Either one will do. xD I seriously need to start looking at getting school work done more effectively. Really really badly. Otherwise, I'm going t...

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Well, I'm supposed to be going to sleep right now... and yet here I am, typing away. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters, I'm really freaking bored, don't want to go to bed, but at the same time really tired. Wierd huh? I have two journal entries I'd like to stick in here, but no time for that right now, so instead I'm appeasing myself with this random note...
And NOW I'm going to bed xD
I eez ninja

Gaia online

One word can describe it; EPIC!
I have found my new obsesion xD
The ZOMG thingy is really fun. I go around killing evil gnomes of doom and the like... yeah. I have fun :D
I just started today (I've had the acount for almost a year, but I never went on it, so... yeah.) but I'm finding it to be really amusing. My only problem is that I generally lack the funds to buy anything, so I'm doomed to lead a poor life until I get some gold xD
Meh. Such is the life of a newbie. Anyway, I'm off to kill majors in the gnome army. Tata for now

woot, first post! xD

So... this would be my first post on theotaku.com, on a world thingy anyways :3
In this... place... thing... I'm going to be writing about... something. I'll have to decide upon that in awhile. But it'll come to me eventually
I think I'll just go on rants about my day here. It'd be fun, and no one'll be reading it anyway, so it's all good xD
Anyway, that's all for ze first post, cuz I'm off to read some D.Gray-man. Huzza! >:3