Riku's Dad

To see the world in different light is how my life is.

At the Ba Fong estate…

Toph- Okay Riku we are going to step up your training!

Riku- Right. (put on blind fold)

Toph- Good now find you way to forest.

Riku- Yes I will. (walking away)

By the forest…

Yue- I wonder how Riku is doing? (hmm)

Riku- (Still walking forward)

Kyou- (Appear) Hey kidoe. (greet)

Riku- Dad!? (huh)

Kyou- Yeah Riku.

Riku- (Take off blind fold) It really is you. (happy)

Yue- (Behind a tree) Who is that with Riku?

Kyou- Looks like you got yourself a fan Riku. (notice Yue)

Riku- What do you mean? (looking behind him)

Yue- Hi Riku. (smile)

Riku- Oh hi Yue. (greet)

Kyou- Hey there I am Kyou Riku’s dad. (wink)

Yue- It is nice to meet you I am Yue. (smile)

Kyou- Yue? (thinking) Oh you are Sokka’s daughter.

Yue- Yes I am. (wink)

Kyou- It is nice to meet one of Riku’s friends. (rubbing Riku hair)

Riku- (Frowning) Are you staying?

Kyou- Of course Riku, and plus I am sure that Toph will be happy to see me. (smile)

Riku- (He is going to die)

Back at the Ba Fong estate…

Kyou- Hello Toph. (smiling)

Toph- That voice; it can’t be Kyou? (hmm)

Kyou- Yep.

Toph- You jerk! (punching him)

Riku & Yue- (Hanging back)

Kyou- Why are beating me up? (hmm)

Toph- You know why Kyou! (grr)

Kyou- Riku why don’t you go into the house while I talk to your mother. (clam manner)

Riku- Okay dad. (going in)

Kyou- You too Yue. (frown)

Yue- Yes sir. (exit)

Kyou- So you are still mad at me for walking out?

Toph- That is big yes.

Kyou- I am sorry about that day, but I wasn’t ready for it.

Toph- Don’t explain it to me. (shaking her head) Explain it to Riku. (crying)

Kyou- Oh yeah that will go well with him.

Toph- I thought I told you to stay away from us. You will just get his hope ups, and I will not let you hurt him.

Kyou- I got you. But Riku not a baby anymore he can take care of himself.

Toph- I know that, but Riku wouldn’t tell you how he truly feels.

Kyou- (Looking at Toph.)

With Yue and Riku…

Yue- So that is your dad?

Riku- Yes that is him. (semi smile)

Yue- Why didn’t you tell us? (hmm)

Riku- Because my father has a skill of not sticking around for very long.

Yue- Aw Riku. (tears)

Riku- I don’t need you pity Yue. (looking mad)

Yue- I am sorry.

Riku- Yue. (looking at her) It is my fault. (frowning)

Yue- Riku! (hugging him)

Riku- (Bright red)

Kyou-(Appear) Hello kiddies. (cough)

Yue- (Letting go of Riku) Um that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Kyou- So is she your girlfriend? (look at Riku)

Yue- You got the wrong idea mister. (waving her arms)

Kyou- You can call me Kyou or I am also known as the yellow flash.

Yue- Yellow flash? (confused)

Kyou- I am a firebender, but I can only use lighting. (wink)

Riku- Are you staying dad? (innocent look)

Kyou- (Looking at his son) I can’t answer that.

Riku- Why not? (huh)

Kyou- I am sure your mother can answer it for you.

Riku- But I want you to stay! (burst into tears)

Kyou- I am sorry Riku, but I am not the person you want. (he was gone)

Riku- (Wiping his eyes.)

Yue- Riku I will help you no matter what! (aw so cute)

Riku- Thanks Yue. (smiling again)

Outside in the forest again…

Kyou- She is always right. (sitting in a tree)

Yue- (Walking along) Kyou! (calling him)

Kyou- Hello Yue. (appear next to her)

Yue- Ep (backing up)

Kyou- Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.

Yue- It is okay.

Kyou- I know what you are going to ask me, but I cannot stay. (he knew)

Yue-But Riku need you to stay. (eyes shinnying)

Kyou- Trust me it better if I just disappear.

Yue- How can say that? (hmm)

Kyou- You are the all knowing moon sprit aren’t you? (stare at Yue)

Yue- Yes I am, but what does have to do with Riku?

Kyou- I guess let’s go back to the begging of the story of how I meet Toph.

Into the pass they go…

Yue- Huh what just happen?

Kyou- You are seeing into my past.

Yue- Your past. Is that you? (point)

Younger Kyou- But I don’t want to join the firenation army.

Taro- You have to son.

Kyou- Yes that’s me joining the firenation army.

Yue- I still don’t get it? (hmm)

Kyou- You will see.

A blur of colors past them by…

Kyou- Yes this is the day my fate change. (nod)

Yue- Fate?

Kyou- Yes we were rounding up trouble earthbenders, but I couldn’t do it to her. (point at Toph)

Yue- You loved her right, so I can understand.

Kyou- It’s not that at all back then we were both outcast. (grim)

Yue- Outcasts? (huh)

Kyou- Yes being the only guy who can use lighting is very weird. So saving someone like me wasn’t a big deal to me.

Yue- Then why can’t you stay with them?

Kyou- Because if they knew Riku was my son they would track him down. I don’t I want to happen to him.

Back in the present…

Riku- So dad are you staying? (hmm)

Kyou- Riku we need to talk. (pull him to the side) I am sorry Riku I can’t stay I wish I could, but if I do that I hurt the people I love the most. (hug Riku)

Yue- (Standing by watching this.)

Kyou- I want you to watch over your mom for me. (patting his head) I am proud to have a son like you Riku.

Riku- Dad.

Kyou- One more thing here. (giving him a massager hawk) Send me a letter whenever you want to talk. See later Riku. (walking away)

Riku- (Watching him go)

Yue- I am sorry that I couldn’t make him stay.

Riku- It is okay Yue, I am fine.

Yue- I am glad. (smile)

Riku- (Yue the best thing that has ever happen to me.)

The end.