Meeting old friends

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Missing home is just one thing you think about when you are on the road. Then again seeing old friend might not always be a good thing.

In Earth Kingdom town…

Kuzon- Where are we? (huh)

Kya- I think it is Earth Kingdom.

Kuzon- How did that happen? One minute we were at home and now we here.

Kya- No clue? (shrug)

Temujin- (Entering) Why I am the one who always has get firewood? (talking to himself)

Kuzon- (Grab Kya & pull her behind a tree.)

Kya- Kuzon are you crazy or something? (stare at him)

Kuzon- Look Kya he a part of the Firenation.

Kya- So what?

Kuzon- What Firenation kid doing out here in Earth Kingdom?

Kya- You think too much. (going out to talk Temujin.) Hi there.

Temujin- Kya!? (frozen)

Kya- Hello. (waving her hand in front of his face)

Kuzon- See you broke him.

Temujin- (Rubbing his eyes) It is really you guys. (hugging them)

Kuzon & Kya- Who are you? (huh)

Temujin- Come on guys you have to remember me right?

Kya & Kuzon- Nope.

Temujin- I am Temujin. (hint hint)

Kuzon & Kya- We don’t know a Temujin.

Temujin- (Depressed cloud.)

Kya- Are you okay? (nice)

Temujin- Sure.

Aang- (Enter) Hey Temujin what taking you so long? (huh)

Kuzon & Kya- Whoa! How are you that young?

Temujin- Be quiet and follow my led. (shhing)

Aang- Do you know them?

Temujin- Yeah these are my friends Ming and Taro.

Kuzon- Taro? What kind of name is that? (anger)

Temujin- Ha-ha he is so funny sometimes. (grabbing Kuzon & rubbing his hair)

Aang- Right well I see you back at camp. (exit)

Temujin- That was too close. (let go of Kuzon.)

Kuzon- What is your deal crazy guy? (yell at him)

Temujin- Look you guys are stuck in a parallel world back before the war was over. That is why you don’t remember me since my world got switch. By the way I’m Temujin your best friend.

Kuzon- (Stare at him.) Yep you are crazy. Come Kya let’s go.

Kya- I don’t know Kuzon he does seem filmier to me. (cute)

Kuzon- I still don’t trust him, but I have watch over you. (agree)

Temujin- Then follow me. (walking ahead)

Kuzon- I can find my own way.

Temujin- Fine you led then. (letting him led)

Kuzon- That is right. (smirk)

Temujin- (Walking next to Kya) So Kya how are you?

Kya- I’m fine. (smile) So who this Ming is she your girlfriend? (giggle)

Temujin- What!? Why would you say that? (stare at her)

Kya- I was only kidding you. (patting his shoulder)

Temujin- Right. (bummed) (Kya do not feel the same where about me anymore?)

At the camp…

Kuzon- See I told I could find it. (victory)

Sokka- (Stare at Kuzon) Who is this? (hmm)

Temujin- (Run in) I told you to wait for me. (huff)

Kuzon- I don’t listens to firebenders. (glare with dislike)

Kya- Don’t say such things big brother. (appear)

Sokka- Hey what is deal kid? (stare at him)

Kuzon- How can you trust him? He one of your enemies and yet he is a part of your team.

Sokka- Temujin is trustworthy you clearly don’t know him like I do. (wow)

Temujin- It is okay Sokka. Maybe it was mistake to bring my old friends. (sadden)

Kya- Kuzon say you’re sorry! (acting older)

Kuzon- Kya that first time you every sounded older than me. (stare at her)

Temujin- What!? (confused)

Kuzon & Kya- We are twins. (wink)

Aang- Neat I always wanted to be twin. (laugh)

Temujin- I think need to be alone. (walking away.)

Kuzon- What is his deal? (hmm)

Aang- You mean Temujin. He seem like complex young man, and think he is trying find out who he truly is. (wise)

Kya- See he is lost just like us.

Kuzon- I don’t think he is lost. (shaking his head) Who are his parents? (hmm)

Sokka- He only mentioned his father. His father is a good firebender, and taught him peaceful way of the fire.

Kuzon- That is odd. (thinking about it) If his parents were firebenders of this time period they wouldn’t teach him that. (talking to himself.)

Kya- That must mean he from time. (she is right.)

Kuzon- Maybe. (puzzled face)

Kya- Maybe I should talk to him?

Kuzon- Good idea he seems to like you.

Kya- Okay. (exit)

With Temujin…

Temujin- (Staring out over the fields.)

Kya- Hey Temujin mind if I sit with you?

Temujin- (Shaking his head.)

Kya- It is odd if you think about we could have been friends.

Temujin- I think we are more than that.

Kya- What are saying? (hmm)

Temujin- I know you really well Kya, but I am kind of on an important mission. So I guess it my fault you are this way.

Kya- What do you mean? (huh)

Temujin- If I wasn’t so determined to find out the truth about my family then I could have hung out with you more. (Aw)

Kya- I get it. (hmm)

Temujin- I am really bad boyfriend. (frowning)

Kya- Why are you bad boyfriend and to who? (hmm)

Temujin- Because I left my girlfriend Kya to try change Zuko back to good.

Kya- (Going red) Don’t call me your girlfriend! (annoyed)

Temujin- It is true Kya. I know you very well. (looking at her)

Kya- You are crazy. (back away slowly)

Temujin- Kya daughter of Avatar Aang and Katara, you can bend water & earth, and you can go into the avatar state.

Kya- Wait how do you know that?

Temujin- Believe me Kya. (begging face)

Kya- I don’t know. (unsure)

Kuzon- (Enter) Kya.

Kya- Kuzon Temujin is Zuko’s son. (saying it)

Kuzon- What!? (shock) How is that possible? Ta Ming is an only child.

Kya- He just listed things about me no one else knows.

Kuzon- How can that be possible?

Temujin- Because I kind already existed before I came back to the past.

Kuzon- That makes no sense. (frowning)

Temujin- Look we have to get you two home before we mess up time anymore.

Kya & Kuzon- How do we do that then? (hmm)

Temujin- I have no clue. (shrug)

Kuzon- I have an idea Kya since your part avatar & we have dad. (plan)

Back at camp…

Kya- Hey Aang we need to talk. (appear)

Aang- Hey Ming what do want to talk to me about? (hmm)

Kya- I am the future Avatar! (huh)

Aang, Katara, and Sokka- What!? (shock)

Kya- I can show you. (signal to Kuzon & Temujin)

Temujin- Are you sure this will work?

Kuzon- Trust me this will work. (smile)

Kya- First water, earth, fire, and air. (getting ready)

Aang- You are full avatar? (hmm)

Kya- I will show you. (bending all four elements)

Katara, Sokka, and Aang- Whoa!

Temujin & Kuzon- (Stroll in) What just happen?

Katara & Sokka- She the next avatar? (shock)

Kuzon- Yes and we need Aang’s help to get back home.

Aang- Okay. (agree)

Kya- Are coming with us Temujin? (hmm)

Temujin- No thanks I think stick around here for awhile.

Kya & Kuzon- Okay then.

Aang- This way then. (showing them)

Temujin- Goodbye my old friends.

The end.