Blue Spirit

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Being a part of Team Avatar is so different then the life I am use to…

Temujin- (Fast asleep)

In his dream world…

Kya- You left us to protect ourselves.

Temujin- Kya I had no choice.

The blue spirit- (Pull out swords and put close to Kya throat)

Out the dream world…

Temujin- Kya! (shout)

Aang & Katara- Temujin are you okay?

Temujin- Yeah it was just a dream about the blue spirit.

Sokka- The who the what now? (confused)

Temujin- You must have heard of the Blue Spirit.

Sokka& Katara& Aang- No.

Temujin- Really it is old Fire Nation legend of threat who sort rob from the rich gave to the poor. My mom told me all about him.

Aang- Is he really a spirit?

Temujin- I don’t think so.

Aang- Hey Temujin I was wondering if you could train me in firebending?

Temujin- Well I don’t know Aang I am still learning it myself. (unsure)

Aang- Come on Temujin I need to learn firebending. (cute face)

Temujin- (My dad is supposed to teach him. I guess I could teach him the basic.) Okay I can teach you.

Aang- Yeah! (jumping up and down)

Temujin- There is a condition to me teaching you. (smile)

Aang- What? (huh)

Temujin- You must follow ever order I give you.

Aang- Okay. (agree)

Temujin- First all you must understand fire.

Sokka- This sounds boring I’m off to go get meat. (exit)

Katara- Continue Temujin. (smile)

Temujin- Fire is not about power.

Aang- Well isn’t the Firenation about controlling the world. (point out)

Temujin- Look I learn the traditional way of fire. So first we need to calm the mind. (pull out tea pot)

Aang- Isn’t firebending about aggression? (huh)

Temujin- Aang who is your teacher? (glare)

Aang- You are Temujin. (frowning)

Temujin- Good. (smile) Now this where our lesson begins. (set tea pot on the ground and hold up a little fire next to it.)

Aang- Whoa!

Temujin- Now you try Aang. Remember you have maintain a steady flame if you make it too hot that will destroy the pot. If you make the fire to small then the pot of tea will never get boiled. So good luck. (getting up)

Aang- Where are you going? (huh)

Temujin- I have my own training to do.

Aang- So you just leaving me here.

Temujin- (Reminded of the dream) I am not leaving anyone alone. I made sure she was okay.

Katara- Who?

Temujin- Promise me you won’t laugh. (sniff)

Katara & Aang- We promise.

Temujin- Well I have a girlfriend Ming. (going slightly red)

Katara- I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.

Aang- So is she a firebender? (huh)

Temujin- Nope she a waterbender.

Sokka- (Return right that moment) Your not dating my sister. (glare)

Temujin- No I was talking about my girlfriend Ming. (smile)

Sokka- You are allowed to date a waterbender? (confused)

Temujin- Sort of. (smiling)

Sokka- Wow you got game Temujin! (smile)

Katara- Sokka! (slap his head)

Sokka- What was that for? (rub head)

Katara- For treating women like trophies.

Temujin- My girlfriend is treated with much respect. (mention) Anyway Aang go back to your training, while I finish my training. (orders)

Aang- Yes sir. (frowning)

Temujin- Good. (exit)

Aang- (Trying to heat up tea pot.) This is lame.

Sokka- Well I am tired. Night Aang, Katara. (goes into tent)

The next morning…

Katara- Hurry Temujin Sokka is sick.

Temujin- What!? (surprise)

In Sokka’s tent…

Sokka- (Coughing & talking nonsense)

Temujin- This doesn’t look good. (frowning)

Aang- Maybe we can get him some medicine there herbalist up on that mountain top. (point)

Temujin- Okay. (agree)

Katara- What about me? (huh)

Temujin& Aang- You stay here. (exit)

Later at the river…

Temujin- Aang got capture by the Yu Yang archers, and now I have brake him out of firenation prison. (thinking) I have no clue how to do that?

Blue spirit- (Runs past Temujin)

Temujin- Hey wait up! (follow him)

Outside the prison…

Blue spirit- (Sneaking around)

Temujin- (Appear in front of him) Hey there.

Blue spirit- (Back away slowly and pull out sword)

Temujin- I’m on your side. (hands in the air.)

Blue spirit- (Nod and lead on)

Temujin- So you are going help me save Aang?

Blue Spirit- (Nod)

Temujin- So you’re the blue sprit?

Blue spirit- (Looking annoyed)

Temujin- Sorry. (shut up)

Into the prison where Aang was…

Temujin- Hey Aang. (pull out a knife & pick his lock)

Blue spirit- (Going over to them)

Aang- Um who your friend Temujin?

Temujin- He the Blue Spirit. (smile)

Blue spirit- (Cut the chains with his swords)

Temujin- Well that was faster. (put knife away) Let’s get out of here.

Aang- Okay.

Temujin- Go head and lead us blue spirit.

Blue spirit- (Lead on in silent)

Aang- Are you sure we can trust him? (whispers)

Temujin- I trust him. After all he was the one who found you.

Aang- I don’t know. (thinking)

Temujin- If he was a part Firenation army he would have killed us both already.

Aang- Okay I trust your judgment Temujin.

Temujin- Shhh! (hushing him and pull out knife)

Aang- Who is it? (hmm)

Temujin- No clue it guy with side burns. (using the knife as a mirror)

Aang- Zhao. (grr)

Temujin- Who is Zhao? (huh)

Aang- You don’t know him. (questioning look)

Temujin- No. (shaking his head)

Aang- Well he is no good, and we don’t want to get caught by him.

Temujin- Okay.

Blue spirit- (Point down another hallway.)

Temujin- Okay let’s go down there.

Outside Temujin, Aang, and Blue Spirit surrounded by army…

Zhao- Give up you are surrounded and outnumbered. (sneer)

Temujin- I think you outnumber yourself. (pull out red daggers)

Aang- Um Temujin what are you doing? Wouldn’t firebending be better now? (huh)

Temujin- Trust me Aang it is better if they don’t see any firebending.

Aang- Okay.

Zhao- Remember we must capture the avatar not kill him.

Blue spirit- (Stick swords near Aang neck.)

Aang- What is he doing Temujin? (huh)

Temujin- Be quiet avatar. (pull out knife) If you try to follow this knife goes straight into his heart. (creepy)

Zhao- Let them out. (order)

Temujin, Blue spirit, Aang- (Walking out the gates)

Zhao- Shot the guy in the mask.

Yu yan archer- (Shooting the Blue spirit)

Aang & Temujin- (Gasping)

Later on in the forest…

Zuko- (Opening his eyes)

Temujin- (Smiling brightly) We are not so different are we?

Zuko- I am nothing like you! (anger)

Temujin- To think that Prince of the Firenation was the Blue Spirit. Even though say we not alike we are. We both are enemies of the Firenation. (smile)

Zuko- I did no such thing.

Temujin- See this knife. (holding it out) That is the only thing I have left of home.

Zuko- Hey that is my knife! (realization)

Temujin- No my father gave this to me. (remember) Even though I was a bender he wanted me to learn other arts as well. You know you could join us. (sweet)

Zuko- (Fire blast)

Temujin- (Flee away)

Back base camp…

Aang- Where have you been Temujin?

Temujin- Just talking to an old friend. (smile)

The end.