Suki and Sokka wedding

Hi this another one of my Avatar stories.

This is Suki & Sokka wedding.

Please enjoy it.

In Southern water tribe…

Mai- It freezing here. (shivering)

Zuko- I loathe the cold. (grimace)

Aang- I like this place! (happy)

Zuko & Mai- (Glare at Aang)

Aang- What? (innocent look)

Katara- (enter) Hi guys glad you made it. (smile)

Aang- So where is Sokka or Suki? (hmm)

Katara- Sokka is in there. (point to tent)

Aang- Thanks I shall be back. (going into tent)

Katara- Huh I wonder why he wants to talk to Sokka? (question look)

Mai- No clue. (shrug)

Zuko- I think I know what he doing. (smile)

In the tent…

Sokka- (Staring at ground)

Aang- Hey Sokka I need talk to you.

Sokka- (Looking green) What am I doing Aang?

Aang- You’re going to marry Suki. (smiling)

Sokka- Am I crazy! (shout)

Aang- Sokka you love Suki right?

Sokka- Who Suki? (question)

Aang- Come on Sokka you got to remember, Suki she was first girl that kissed you. (remind)

Sokka- She the moon sprit! (crying)

Aang- (sigh, and hitting head) No Sokka that’s Yue.

Sokka- I marring Yue! (shock)

Aang- No. (flustered) I want to tell you that I am dating Katara. (finally saying it)

Sokka- (Looking angry) You are doing what with my younger sister!

Outside the tent…

Zuko- What is taking him so long? (bored)

Mai- I have no clue. (cough)

Katara- Are you okay Mai?

Mai- I think so maybe it just cold air. Zuko I need to talk you alone. (whispers)

Zuko- Okay. (agree) We will be back Katara. (both exit)

Katara- Why do people not tell me anything? (hmm)

Sokka- (enters) Katara are you dating Aang!? (acquisition)

Aang- (enters) Sorry Katara I had to snap back to his old self. (helping)

Sokka- Is this true Katara?

Katara- Um yes we are dating. (answers)

Sokka- Oh. (surprise) Well that’s great. (smile) I knew it all along.

With Mai and Zuko…

Mai- (Staring out at frozen sea)

Zuko- So what’s up Mai? (hmm)

Mai- Zuko you will love me no matter what I tell you? (ask)

Zuko- Of course I did marry you. (smile)

Mai-(Turn facing him) Zuko I am pregnant. (saying it)

Zuko- What? (blank face)

Mai- We are going to have a baby. (simi smile)

Zuko- But but I can’t be a father. (muttering to himself)

Mai- I thought you would be happy when I told you. (frown)

Zuko- What I am going to do I know nothing about children, and I am the fire lord. (still to himself)

Mai- Zuko! (shout and slap him) Look we are in this together got that! (looking mad)

Zuko- Mai? (innocent look)

Mai- Let’s go back it depressing out here. (holding out her hand)

Zuko- (Taking it.)

Back with Katara, Sokka, and Aang…

Katara- So what happen? (ask)

Mai- We were just talking right Zuko. (stare at him)

Zuko- (Standing rocking back and forward on his toes.)

Aang- Is he okay? (looking at Zuko)

Mai- He will be fine I’m going fine my seat. (exit)

Katara- Zuko what has happen? (question)

Sokka- Well better get going or Suki get married without me. (leaving)

Zuko- I am going to be a father. (finally speaking)

Aang- Wow Zuko. (patting him on back)

Zuko- It not good. (scared and sit on ice block)

Aang- How is bad? New life must always happy event. (smile)

Katara- Aang don’t know how Zuko feeling at the moment?

Aang- Well not really. (totally not getting it)

Katara- (Sigh) Zuko and his father well didn’t have best relationship. So now Zuko find out he going to be father, and now he unsure how to handle it all. So now he is conflict on the whole issues of parenthood and how to run country at same time. (wow)

Aang- I will let deal with then Katara. (ready to leave)

Katara- Why do I have deal with Zuko?

Aang- Well I have already dealt with one crazy person today. I do not need anymore. (exit)

Zuko- You don’t like me do you? (looking up at Katara)

Katara- Zuko um I do like you. (timid)

Zuko- (Looking way lost) Katara I I I (randomly hugging her)

Katara- Zuko can’t breathe. (chocking)

Zuko- Sorry. (let go)

Katara- Zuko I think you will be a great father. (nice)

Zuko- Really? (asking)

Katara- Yeah. (smile)

Zuko- Right! (recovering) Why was worrying? I am after all the fire lord. (still more to himself)

Katara- Okay then let go to wedding. (subjection)

Zuko- Fine. (nod)

At the wedding…

Sokka- Katara what took you so long? (hmm)

Katara- Sorry, but Zuko had melt down. (quiet)

Suki- Sokka don’t give her hard time. (sweet)

Sokka- Yeah okay Suki. (smile)

Aang- Everyone is ready? (huh)

Sokka & Suki- Yes.

Aang- Okay we are here to join Suki and Sokka in married. If anyone has anything against this married speak now or hold peace. (pausing here)

Zuko- (Standing up) I have something to say! I love Katara!

Katara & Aang- What!? (shock)

Mai- Zuko are you crazy!? (correct)

Zuko- Nope. (denial)

Suki- (Pull out her fan) Continue Aang this only take a second. (walking to Zuko)

Aang- Okay. (unsure) Um Sokka do you take Suki?

Sokka- Yes.

Suki- This won’t hurt Zuko. (bring giant fan on his head)

Zuko- Ow! Suki what was that for? (huh)

Suki- To make act like yourself. (smile)

Zuko- What just happen? (totally out of it)

Mai- Don’t even ask Zuko.

Zuko- Why not? (huh)

Mai- Trust me you don’t want to know. (crushing his hand)

Zuko- Okay dear. (stopping)

Mai- Good. (happy)

Aang- Way odd. Anyway Suki do you take Sokka?

Suki- Yes of course. (nod)

Aang- Okay by power invested in me these two are married. (Yeah)

Suki & Sokka- (Kissing)

Katara- (Tears slide) It is so beautiful.

Aang- Aw Katara I didn’t know you cried at weddings.

Sokka- She never does cry at wedding? (questioning look)

Katara- I am losing Suki my best friend. (aw)

Suki- Don’t worry we shall visit. (happy)

Aang- You still got me Katara. (smile)

Katara- That right I do have boyfriend now.

Sokka- I still not happy that you didn’t tell me Katara. (annoyed)

Katara & Aang- Sorry Sokka.

Suki- Sokka don’t give them a hard time. (stopping him)

Zuko- I am sorry Katara and Aang.

Katara- It is okay Zuko.

Mai- He will be punished by me later one. (smiling)

Zuko- Come on Mai don’t be so mean to me. (pled)

Mai- Fine I will forgive you. (hugging him)

Zuko- Thanks Mai. (happy)

Aang- Hey good luck with her Zuko. (patting)

Zuko- Thanks Aang. We shall see later. (both exit)

Sokka- What was that all about? (huh)

Katara- We are not telling you. (nah)

Sokka- Fine Katara be that way.

Aang- Katara just tell him. (beg)

Katara- Fine Zuko and Mai are going have a baby. (tell)

Sokka- Wow good for him.

Aang- Come on Katara let’s go on date. (smile)

Katara- Okay.

The end.