Katara & Aang story

This is another of my Avatar story.

This story is about Katara and Aang dating.

Hope you like it.

The start of Katara and Aang dating. If you remember Zuko and Mai were getting married. That where story starts.
Katara- Hey Zuko. (wave)
Zuko- Hi Katara. Where is Aang? (looking around)
Aang- (flying in on his guilder) Hi guys! (jumping down)
Zuko- Your late Aang. (annoyed)
Aang- Sorry Zuko. (cute)
Katara- Where is Sokka? (hmm)
Aang- Hi Katara wow you look pretty. (blush)
Sokka- (enter) Hey guys! Guess what?
Suki- Sokka wait up. Let’s say it together.
Zuko- What’s up?
Suki & Sokka- We getting married! (said)
Aang- Wow that way cool Sokka. (smile)
Katara- Are you rushing into this Sokka? (realist spin)
Sokka- Not at all Katara. Could you just be less gloom and doom all the time.
Katara- Your still a kid. (frowning)
Sokka- What are talking about Katara? (confessed)
Suki- Katara we did think about it.
Aang- (knowing what wrong) Katara can I talk to you alone. (serious tone)
Katara- Fine. (following him.)
Over by a wall…
Katara- What’s up Aang?
Aang- Why acting different Katara?
Katara- I am not acting different. (crossing her arms)
Aang- Yes you are. You have been like this for a week. Is it about me and you?
Katara- (silent’s) Aang I don’t know your way to young for me. (tell)
Aang- But Katara I have grow you said so. (reminding her)
Katara- I don’t want to talk about. It Zuko wedding day so let be happy for him. (smile)
Aang- Fine. (frowning)
Back to wedding…
Ursa- I forgot Avatar to thank you again for bring me with my son again. (smile)
Aang- (sigh) It was nothing. (staring across the room.)
Ursa- Love is what troubling you Aang. (wise)
Aang- What!? How can you tell? (amazed)
Ursa- Well I was once in love when I was young. His name was Iroh. (blush)
Aang- What!? (shock)
Ursa- (giggle) Yes Ozai older brother, but Ozai secretly like me. He was going down without a fight. So Aang are you willing to fight for your girl. (ask the question.)
Aang- Yes, but that does not mean I have fighting. (fear.)
Ursa- You might have no choice but to fight. (knowing something)
Aang- Wait is something going to happen here Ursa. (ask)
Ursa- Maybe. (exiting)
Katara- (scream)
Aang- Katara! (rush over)
Azula- (Holding Katara) Haha Avatar you are too late!
Zuko- Azula! How did you escape? (glare)
Azula- Zuzu did really think you could lock me up. If try to touch me I will kill her. (nail very close to Katara throat)
Katara- Help me Aang. (beg)
Aang- Don’t worry Katara I will save you.
Azula- (laughing) Do you think could defeat me? (confidence)
Aang- I beat Ozi. So I think I take you Azula! (ready)
Zuko- Wait Aang. (hand his shoulder) What do want with Katara anyway?
Azula- I want revenge! (crazy)
Zuko- Really Azula and how will do that? (calculating)
Azula- I can fill her up with lighting. (crazy)
Aang- Not Katara! (moving forward)
Azula- Come and get me Avatar. (fire in her hand.)
Aang- (Going into his avatar state.) Let go of Katara now! (scary)
Azula- Yes yes now to kill you! (evil smile)
Zuko- Sokka I need you.
Sokka- Um Zuko I like you as a friend. (fear)
Zuko- No I need your help to get Aang out of his avatar mode, and save Katara.
Sokka- Suki you can help to. (point out)
Toph- Do forget about me boomerang boy. (appear out no way)
Suki- Hi Toph! (nice)
Zuko- Okay I will distract Azula, Sokka & Suki you can free Katara, and Toph get Aang back to normal.
Toph- Why do I have always deal with crazy people. (Sigh)
Zuko- Just do it. Okay let’s go! Hey Azula why do you not fight me instead.
Azula- Fine Zuzu let go! (Let go of Katara)
Sokka & Suki- Katara are you okay?
Katara- Yes I’m fine, but where Aang?
Aang- (Still in avatar mode above them)
Toph- Come down Aang, Katara is okay now. (calmly explaining)
Katara- Aang! (shout)
Aang- (Coming out of his Avatar mode) Katara you are okay. (smile)
Katara- Yeah, but we better help Zuko out. (tell)
Aang- Right (run over to go help Zuko)
Katara- Aang wait up. (running after)
Sokka- Why do we always get ignored. (sigh)
Toph- That is life boomerang boy. (wise)
With Zuko and Azula battle field…
Azula- So Zuzu are you ready to die?
Zuko- I don’t think so Azula. (fire spin)
Azula- (Block with her foot) Silly little Zuzu.
Aang- (Tornado!)
Katara- Are you okay Zuko? (concern)
Zuko- Yes I am fine.
Azula- Well well Zuzu look like your little friend didn’t want you died.
Zuko- That what true friendship is Azula! (wise)
Aang & Katara- Hey Zuko we going to mix all four elements together! (random idea)
Zuko- My idea exactly! (fire in his hand)
Katara- (Water floating on top the fire)
Aang- (Air & stone into the mix)
Azula- (sigh) Are we fighting or giving a prep rally. (bored)
Aang- Okay now! (rah) (using all four elements on Azula)
Azula- (Hitting the wall) Very well done Avatar. (cough)
Zuko- Give up Azula! (cool)
Azula- No way Zuko. (smoke bomb escape)
Aang- (cough) Where did she go? (huh)
Zuko- I don’t know, but we now must be on guard.
Katara- Yet I don’t think she was Azula. (random.)
Zuko & Aang- What do mean Katara? (confused)
Katara- Well she did not use fire or lighting. She used blocking moves for someone who is not a bender.
Zuko- Very interesting then who was it?
Aang- (Thinking) Wait a second Ursa said something about a fight.
Zuko- My mother! (shock)
Ursa- (appear) Yes son. (cute)
Zuko- Where did you come from mother? (ask)
Ursa- Well son I deiced to test the Avatar. (nod)
Aang- A test of love right Ursa?
Ursa- Yes that correct Aang.
Aang- Thank you Ursa! (bow)
Katara- Wait this was a test of love? (freak out)
Ursa- Yes that right. (smile)
Katara- Why are you interfering into people lives? (mad)
Aang- (Kissing her)
Ursa- Cute right Zuko? (huh)
Zuko- Yeah way cute. (sigh) Let get back to wedding. (both exiting)
Katara- Why did you do that!? (anger)
Aang- Because I love you! (blush)
Katara- Aang I love you to. (blush)
Aang- Lets go back to party. (taking her hand)
Katara- Or we can take your gilder and leave this place. (eyes wide)
Sokka- (huff huff) Katara. (heavy breathing.)
Katara- Sokka!? (Shock)
Aang- Hey Sokka. (wave)
Sokka- Where are you two going? (suspicious)
Aang & Katara- No where! (lie)
Sokka- Really? (glare)
Katara- Yes Sokka we would not leave Zuko’s wedding. (smile)
Aang- Yeah Sokka don’t worry so much! (hehe)
Sokka- Fine let go back. (waiting)
Katara & Aang- (holding hands) Yeah let’s go!
So was the start of Katara and Aang dating.
The end