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Welcome to my Icon world, its also the home of Art theft Prevention! Please report to us any stolen art you have come across and we will help with what comes next! its becoming more and more of an issue.

Art Theft (continues) to Strike....-__-;

Me Pretty much when I have to keep seeing these stolen works...and r...

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This one is so obvious it hurts, This probably is a child or something but Natsufire's "Foggy blue" I a Miku wallpaper that has been floating around the internet for a long time I found the image here Art is not for popularity, we do it because we enjoy what come from our minds Please report this image, I have not looked at the other pictures in this users fanart album but i'm sure they where also pulled of the internet

Confirming that yet another piece on there is taken from the internet
smoking anime girl

Erza art was stolen from SilverArkua on DA link


I moded this world a bit for a good reason! This will be ATP HQ! ATP stands for Art Theft Prevention! Its been getting out of control! So Now I am going to start a little group of us on here to warn those who find these pests on here and we can get the word out! If you are interested in joining me please pm me and I will get things set up for you.


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Look I made Callie! I think Im going to make some more splatoon pixel art

My new pixel Icons

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IF anyone wants me to make you one that blinks or an object moves. I can! :3 these are just a couple new ones.