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if anyone wants to see some of my other work, go to yelloemello.deviantart.com. You will not be disappointed


Does anybody want to join project sketcknote? I don't think anyone knows the magnitude of what this project could mean to them in terms of getting their artwork hardcopied to the nation. this is not a drill, this is for real. The BLACKLIST POETS GANG needs your submissions... the deadline is June the 1st, so if you pleas reply, this will be greatly appreicated.

Project Sketchnote

Here's the deal.. i'm new to the whole th otaku.com thing, but i need some help with this new project i'm creating with the BLACKLIST POETS GANG. It's call PROJECT SKETCHNOTE, and here's how it goes. We need artwork on lined paper, cuz i believe the best work comes when you use the most basic of materials. The artwork can be about any subject, but lined paper is the only requirement. If you're art is chosen, it'll be published in the PROJECT SKETCHNOTE art book, coming soon. SO, show me what you got!

RE: who's welcome

Akatsuki just made me realize something... this is a place for people who love to draw. I you want help, or to help, members are encouraged to ablige. so with that said, c'mon, peeps, let's do this. And also, i just posted three new fan arts, go check them out...


Welcome to the Artist's den, hosted by Mello. If you love to draw, and it's anything anime/manga/Japanese relared, this is the place for you. If you look at my upcoming submissions in art and whatnot, you'll se exactly what i mean. So c'mon people..What's Up People...let's see what you got!