Ok!So "Ask Asagi!" wasn't doing too well, (I'll still do birthdays here! Don't worry) But I'm going to turn this into a more seriouse, yet fun world, I've created anime-campaighns on major issues and want your opinion! Speak out! And a quick note only the text on these campaighns are mine, the images are not, images and videos on ALL my worlds are property of the artistso let me here your voice! I'll explain things, with or without illistration


Many people chain their dogs to their dog houses, even with fencened in yards, many dogs can easily get poisened, strangled, over-heated, and dehydrated, please be kind to your babies


(and yes by some mirical the campiagns are back 0o)

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24 in America, depression is more than feeling sad andtired, it IS an illness and CAN be helped, to get help with depression go to http://www.twloha.com/index.php "To Write Love On Her Arms" is an American, non-profit organization to help people battling depression

Pink Dolphins

For the past three years I've been researching a rare species called the "Boto" commonly nowen as the Pink River Dolphin, this species is very rare and very endangered, as it stands, I've been trying to launch campaighns and donation-programs but none of gotten very far because I'm working alonewith only the help of my mom, please help us help these beautifull dolphins! Here's an image of one of them You can go here to learn more and make donations http://www.isptr-pard.org/dolphin.html and here to see more pictures: http://avampiretear.deviantart.com/ As some of you no, I go to Discovery Cove in Orlando every other year and interact with Bottle Nosed dolphins, PLEASE help us, otherwise ....I don't want to see these magnificent angels go extinct, like the Baji did, we CAN make a diffrence! Anything, even an ideah, will help, thank you


I'll felt was the hurt,
I could only see my blood,
I couldn't even hear myself scream as he laughed at my dying body

For more information on how to help, go to www.missingkids.org


I no I haven't updated here in a wile, as you no my campaighns were destroyed on my laptop but I'll make new ones ^^; Anyway, this song is REALLY touching so please listen carefully! http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niQJFPI_rLg&NR=1