Well, it would seem, weary traveler, that you have stumbled across that which you have sought your whole life.

I am Angelo, or Fai no Tenshi.

Welcome, my tired friend, to a sanctuary. A place where you can rest your head and learn some answers to life's simple, extraordinary, deep, and otherwise tempting questions. Ask a question and see what response I give. My answers will vary according to the day and mood I happen to be in. So, go ahead and poke and prod my brain, for I have answers to share.

~Angelo, friend of TheDarkAngel (Yosei), and ShrimpyAlchemist (Niko)

.:*Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the Present.*:. ~Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda.

To visit the site that the three of us share, go here: The Etherial Realm of Light.


Guess Who~~~!

Well, hi thar! ;D

My GOD it's been MONTHS since I last logged in! I even missed Yosei's birthday announcements back in December! And, surprisingly, some of you still remembered me~! I had messages and comments in my backroom, I feel so loved!

Whoa, TheO has changed a bit hasn't it? It's kinda neat, though... ;3 I'll have to get used to the way things are laid out in the backroom now. Huh.

Man, there's been a lot going on!
Tiffany moved in with me~! *parties* She's the best roommate I've ever had! XD Mmmm, I love her so much! And, let's see... I started college! XD I'm a semester later than your beloved TheDarkAngel, but at least I get to see him and his boyfriend from time to time. Which, is still weird for me, seeing Yosei with another boy... but, that's okay because, now, I can tell you guys all his juicy little secrets! ;3 I'm kidding, lol, though they do hold hands a lot- but, it's cute. XD

I'm also working my ass off, which is partly why I haven't been on here in FOREVER. But, it's good and better than McDonald's. XP

Anyway, I'm going to get off now. I need to go favorite all of Yosei's art that I've missed! O_O;




Wow, it's been so long since I've been on here! Sorry guys! I rarely update this thing anymore... it's more Yosei's site. Lol, oh wellz.

So, I also quit McDonald's and am now working at a video store in town. It's nice little place. I can pretty much make my own schedule as long as I get so many hours done each week. :3 It's pretty sweet.

I also saw some of Yosei's new art! Give him love! Along with Niko and Tom. They need it. ^_^

Well, I think I'll just hop in my car now and go see Tiffany. I pine for her.

See you all later!


MarbleBlarbleBlahRant-like Rant


HOLY FUTZ! It's been THAT long since I last updated here? I'm sorry I've been so neglectful, TheO... *pets monitor* There, there. All will be well.

Well, let's see.

What's happened with Angelo recently? Hmm....

Got a jyob! :D
I work at teh McDickey's, I mean- McDonald's with Yosei-chaaaan<3! I hate it, I wanna quit, but I shall take the same road as Yosei and stick with it until I find another job. They gots me doing register now! :3 Better than nothing, I suppose. But, everything is based on seniority, which I hate. I think it should be based on how much of a hard worker you are. If so, Yosei would've climbed the ranks to something higher than "The Hole" and "Lobby" and "Register #2". Oh, wellz. *shrugs*

I'm hungry...
I think I'll go to Yosei's house after this and raid his 'fridge. Yes, that's a nice plan. OOH! He's home alone right now, too... >_> mwee hee hee...

Oh, yeah, I guess some of you have been keeping up with his new Personal Journal? ;P Yeah...
Well, if you haven't, just ask Yosei (TheDarkAngel, if you dunno) and he'll probably answer... I guess you can ask me too, but... eh.
((You've no idea how soft he is!!))


"She wants to touch me, woo-oo!
She wants to love me, woo-oo!
She'll never leave me, woo-oo!"

Sorry, "Don't Trust Me" by 3Oh!3 is playing on mah playlist right now.

Oh, and "Let it Happen" by Jimmy Eat World reminds me of LinRathCoolioFreezyMcPancakes (Linden Rathan) for some odd reason... I dunno why. I miss him now... :( *sends hugs to LinRath* That song was on a few minutes ago...

OOH! "Love Like Winter" by AFI is on now!!! WHEE~!

Okay, enough rambling. OH! Have you guys seen Yosei's newest art for the Lyrics Challenge? I LOVE IT!!!!

Blah, well, I should go. SEE YOU GAIS!!! I'm gonna go be a gay monkey boy now! XD

Love you all~


MY GOD! Has it been THAT long since I've posted something meaningful here?! :O

Well, then. It is time for an update of sorts, isn't it? ^_^

KYAH! I'm hanging out with Yosei-chaaaaaan today! We've actually been hanging out a bit more lately, yeah? It's wonderful! I missed mah best buuuuuuuddy! *huggles and snuggles Yosei plushie*

We're working on some new pics today, too! So far, it's just the linearts, but they will be posted soon! Look for 'em! ^______^

Yep, we went out and bought and hand-juicer and some lemons, then SQUEEZED the juice out of 'em! It's been fun and now we both smell sour. Clean, but sour. :P Also, as we forgot to add WATER so our lemonade made us PUCKER strongly. Then, we added Splenda- which didn't help the way we thought it would- and figured out it needed to be diluted with water. HA HA HA HA!!! XD It's all good now.

GAWD! I love the weather today! It's sunny, not too breezy, and there's NOT A CLOUD in the sky! AHHHHHHH~! I love it!!! Once it gets just a little bit warmer, we shall make SunTea! YEAH! X3

I got to talk to LinRathCoolioFreezyMcPancakes (Linden Rathan) last night on TheOtaku chats as well. It'd been awhile and I missed him. T^T So, here's a SHOUT OUT to you, Sweet Prince!!!!!! *glomps invisible LinRath plushie*

Drink the lemonade.

Okay, well. It's time to go and run around the yard nekkid with a french fry! (new inside joke with Yosei) XD Check his World (The Journal) to see what the spit I'm talking about.

OMIGAWD! I'm craving Wendy's.... Mmmm, salt... perhaps later. ANYWAY! It's time to get off 'ere. 'Tis Yosei's cpu after all and he's done with his mastuerbat- I MEAN laundry.


I'm hyperrrrrrrrrrrrrr~! *runs in circles, trips*

Okies, well, bai-bee for nao, gais!! *blows kisses*

~Angelo has left his sanity~

Gawd, I'm an idiot... =_=;

1. [x] Forgot to put the lid on the blender, turned it on, and had everything fly out 2. [ ] Gotten your head stuck between the stair rails 3. [x] Broken a chair by leaning back in it 4. [x] Had gum fall out of your mouth while y...

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