Welcome to Ask a Mormon, a World where you can ask any questions relating to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more frequently known as "Mormons." In a way, the purpose of this World is similar to that of Tsubu[a]sa no Neko's "Ask a Catholic Schoolgirl." Keeping this in mind, this site is not meant to convert anyone, but to dispel ignorance about the Church, its leaders, and its people.

My answers will be based upon reasearch using scriptural texts, conference talks, and other reliable sources of information, along with personal first-hand knowledge or experience. If you happen to also be a member of the Church and would like to be a Guest Poster for this World, please PM me and it's likely you'll get in.

Feel free to ask questions, but please keep it civil.

April 2008 General Conference Broadcast Information

On the first weekend of April and October, there is a worldwide General Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Conference is broadcast around the world in various languages. For those who are curious about what we're all about, this is a perfect opportunity to at least find out a few things; the First Presidency and other general authorities of the Church will be speaking in this Conference.

More information on the broadcast such as times, time zone issues, and alternative broadcast options through cable television can be found here.

This is not to try and convert anyone, but merely an invitation to those who might want to know a little more about us. There isn't so much basic doctrine covered; for that you'll need to set up an appointment with a missionary or maybe explore the Church website; but all are welcome to listen to or watch the broadcast. Just thought I'd share and extend an invitation, if you will. I just hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries or anything by doing this...

Does the Church Sponsor Schools?

Our first question was sent from Tsubusa no Neko. Q: Are there schools that are sponsered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, i.e. how there are Lutheran primary schools, or Catholic high schools? A: yes. There are th...

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