My Casper Chan!!!! MEOW!!!!

This is my dear Casper chan!!!! note his evil eyes!!!!

True Friend

This video is dedicted to my friend....i hope she likes it i was soo tickled when i heard the song that i just had to make a Ouran High School Host Club slide show for her!

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

This is HEY SAY JUMP!!!!!


okay this song is so sweet in the end!

Finding True Friendship

Okay this is for the challenge!!!

Finding True Friendship

I always felt that I was not a normal person and I too have my hidden abilities, abilities away from a normal man’s recognition or an ability that a normal man would over look.
As a child I was always small, meek and shy, shy of talking to anyone, as a result I never had a friend all my life, I never bothered to even make one since I was always teased and made fun of. It was difficult especially for a small child who is weak, meek and who could never fight back; I still remember those lonely recesses where I walked aimlessly around the school compound wasting time, wanting time to just pass by as quickly as it could. I never wanted to make friends and thought I could live alone all my life and could never understand why people made such a big deal with friendship

It was only then in the third grade I met two girls and became good friends, they were the first ever strangers to speak to me, but time did not let us be together. In the fifth grade I got a friend but I never felt that she was the person who will care for me the way I did for her, I took her as my best friend and later I realized that I was the hot topic of her gossips with the whole class. I was broken taken away and thought that I was better off not being with any one….. Until now, last year there came a new transfer student from South Korea, Mina arrived, I always wanted to speak since I was a crazy anime fan, anime was in my very blood and my dream was to be the best character designer ever! She was the ideal person I wanted to meet and I would pray every day, “Dear Lord give a opportunity to speak with her.” And the day would end in the most imperfect way, silent and kept to my self, Mina too never spoke much she lived with her aunt and not like living there, she looked really sad sometimes but I never had the courage to talk to her, but as a student teachers had a good impression on me as the “hardworking one” but some how that’s not enough in life. One day two months after school had begun a new student entered, in my heart I got a sharp feeling to stay away from this new girl, she seemed friendly too friendly for me to believe.

It was rare that we would get some free time in class, but that day, that unforgettable day we had free time, me as usual was engrossed in my own work, studying for the upcoming Public Exams. Mina sat alone in the class with me, two different corners of the classroom; suddenly the new girl entered the class, this girl sat right next to Mina and started to talk, normally I wouldn’t have bothered but that day I admit I did extend my hearing capacities a little more and none of us I’m sure regret that at all, this new girl was talking about Inuyasha to Mina and with a sudden jerk and out of nowhere I shouted across the class, “YOU KNOW INUYASHA!” I pointed my finger directly to their faces; I sat down quietly all red and fuming inside, “sorry about that I just got a bit excited.” I apologized and looked back in my book
“No problem! I’m Annie, and you are?” the new girl asked and smiled.
I looked at her “sorry about that Inuyasha shout. I am Sarah.”
At that time I finally spoke to Mina and I think after that day we never have stopped even though Mina is now back in her country and Annie is in a different high school we always manage to talk even though it’s a long distance call! I pray for them, I pray that we will be together in heaven one day for eternity. I realized that my abilities are to come in the most unexpected way like how I met my two best friends in this entire world. Today I can make friends, I can talk to people I think of Annie’s and Mina’s face when I look at them it gives me a feeling as if I were talking to them, and more importantly I have learnt not only to fight back for my self but for my friends too.

As I think of them today my heart it warms up reliving those lovely moments of us together and then if I want to or not I smile and carry on my day thinking now I know why people make a big deal about friendship!