Come To Me

Come to me in my dreams,
Send your sweet kisses to me in my sleep,
And as the wind brushes my lips during tonight's slumber,
I'll no in my heart that's you,
Assuring my safe return
"Ichigo, Ichigo wake up my prince," Ichigo opened his eyes slightly, Rukia was laying on top of him, her green, sheer blouse was open just enough for him to see the taunting sking of her collar bone, her jean mini skirt just covering her thighs, he stared at her in awe as she smiled at him warmly, "Rukia, wat are you doing here? You haven't come to me since Soul Society, why now?" her eyes smiled, he new why she looked so heavenly, he was dreaming of her, but not the way he normally dreamed of her, it was like a pyshcic connection, "I'm dieing Ichigo," his heart stopped, "Wat?" "I need your help, please," "Ofcourse! Wat can I do?!" "Please save me, I need you to save me, please," she raised up, her violet eyes closed, she was getting closer and closer to his lips, their breath mingled, but she wouldn't kiss him, "Why don't you ever kiss me?" he asked angerly, "You have to show me it's ok, it's not my place, but you have to save me please! I'll die without you, please, wake up Darling, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up," her voice was fading, Ichigo opened his eyes, it was six in the morning, he sleepily got out of bed and stumbeled towards the closet, sliding the door open to ensure that she was still there, but she was gone, his eyes widened in shock and he instantly used his badge to exit his body, and leapt out the window
Rukia grimaced at the pain in her leg, 'How foolish of me' she thought, 'I was so careless and now look at wat's happened,' she glared at the hunk of metal currently crushing her leg, she watched helplessly as the hollow got closer and closer, she could smell the fowl breath of the beast and closed her eyes, she waited to feel the hollow's teeth crushing her bones, but it didn't happen, instead she felt a breeze and heard someone yell her name, opening her eyes, she saw Ichigo standing in front of her, "Ichigo," she wispered, "Hey, get yourself into trouble did ya'?" "Shut up!" she snapped playfully, he lifted the broken car off of her leg and pulled her up, she screamed as she put pressure on her leg, "Rukia!" "I'm ok, I just think I broke my leg, that's all," "Yeah, that's all," he mocked, lifting her up and cradling her tiny body in hs arms, "Why didn't you wake me up?" "I just, ... I just wanted to do this myself, I didn't pay attention to wat the hollow was doing until I was already stuck," "I'll say you didn't pay attention!"
Rukia pulled her leg back from Orihime's ShunShunRikka, "Thank you Orihime," Orihime nodded and turned to face Ichigo, "Ok, um, she's fine but she shouldn't walk around for another two days or she'll be in pain," Rukia glared at the wall, she hated being talked about like she wasn't there, "Come on Ichigo, let's-" she gasped, before she could even finish wat she was saying he had quickly scooped her up in his arms, "I don't no why you think you're walking," he stated matter-of-factually, she glared at him
Rukia glared at the ceiling, she absolutely loathed this, she had been trying to sleep for the past 45 minutes and only ended up tossing and turning, Ichigo had even leant her his bed for the night and was curently snoring on the couch downstairs, she glared at the ceiling, unable to sleep, she was tired and couldn't stop yawning but still sleep refused to come to her, finally she angerly threw the blankets off of her and immidiatly regretted it, the cold air hitting her bare legs, she touched her feet to the ground and cringed at the cold wood under her skin, none the less, she stood up though, turning the lamp on and making her way to the door, she wasn't sure of wat she was going to do, but she continued walking anyway, choosing to ignore the dull throbbing in her leg, she looked back and watched in horror as the lamp flickered out due to the storm, a paticuaraly loud roar of thunder errupted from the sky and she couldn't help but let go of a short scream, backing up against the wall, she tried to remember the layout of the house, wen she felt something grab her shoulders, she shreiked, "Hey! HEY! Calm down it's just me!" Ichigo stated, Rukia squinted her eyes shut wen she felt the bright flashlight shining on her, "And wat are you doing walking around anyway?" she opened her eyes, the light was now directed towards Ichigo's bedroom, "I, um, I couldn''t sleep," he sighed loudly and scooped her up, sticking the small flashlight in his mouth, and heading towards the room, were he gently deposited her on the bed, she pulled the covers over her fragil body, loving how they felt on her against the thin fabric of her summer nightgown, he looked at her for a moment, "Here, now try sleeping," he suggested, turning on the radio, he turned to leave but was stopped by a light tugging on his hand, "Please," she flipped the radio off, "please don't go," she wispered, refusing to look at him, he turned around and pryed her hand from his, "Move over," she moved over to make room for him, he slid in the bed next to her, grabbing her tiny body and pulling it into his chest, snuggling his head in the crook of her neck, her eyes felt heavy and she was soon almost asleep, almost, she felt his lips press lightly against her temple, she smiled to herself, "I love you," he wispered, she giggled, "Well well, I DO wonder wat you do to me in my sleep," he blushed a deep red, "I love you too, just don't get froggy," he chuckled lightly, "Alright," he pulled her closer, asuring himself that sleep would come easily tonight with her next to him