The True Fan Test

The True Fan Test
You no you're an IchiRuki fan wen....
1. You watch Bleach on a regular basis
2. You join an IchiRuki fanclub
3. Your heart flutters wen something extra sweet happens
4. You're updated on all the goodies coming out
5. You contribute fanart/fanfics/AMVs etc. to the fandom
6. You thought the hug scene was the cutest thing EVER
7. You can't wait for FTB to come out
8. You have IchiRuki wallpaper on your desktop
9. You have IchiRuki merchindise
10. You sqweal over IchiRuki stuff
You no you're a huge IchiRuki fan wen....
1. IchiRuki comes up in regular conversations
2. You hiss wen you come along fanart of other pairings for Ichi and Ru
3. You puke (or nearly puke) wen you come along fanart of other pairings for Ichi and Ru
4. You dream of IchiRuki
5. IchiRuki has inspired you to make a life changing decision
6. You've vowed to watch FTB as much as you can once you get it on DVD and will "Awwww" everytime you see it without fail
7. You gloat about the wounderfull fandom to everyone around you, even non-fans
8. You get offended if someone insults Ichigo, Rukia, or IchiRuki in anyway
9. You cosplay as Ichigo or Rukia and wear a fake wedding band; wen people ask you say that you are married to Ichi or Ru
10. You call other people Ichigo or Rukia and have a momentary memory loss and can't remember their real name
You no you're obsessed with IchiRuki wen....
1. You cosplay as Ichigo and Rukia and INSIST on your freind/partner etc. of the opposite sex to cosplay the other and act all romantic around other people just for the pride of the IchiRukiness
2. Most, if not all, of the music you listen to has IchiRuki AMVs for it (and that's how you found it anyway)
3. You take your IchiRuki plushies everywere you go in case another fan is near
4. You write essays on IchiRuki for school/work
5. Almost everything Bleach that you have MUST have something to do with IchiRuki, Ichigo, or Rukia
6. You've started telling people that Rukia's name is Rukia Kurosaki
7. You room is covered in hand-made and store bought IchiRuki posters
8. Your favirote song in the hole entire world is "Glow" and you ask people to find you a copy of their BBC
9. You're a FumikoxMorita shipper
10. You get a little too excited about IchiRuki things
You no your obsession is really bad wen...
1. You check their horiscopes along with your's
2. You use IchiRuki terms in every day life
3. You use IchiRuki as an example in almost any conversation
4. You've memorized BOTH Ichigo and Rukia's lines completely for a block of dialog
5. IchiRuki is on your mind 24/7
6. Wen you read non-fiction your image of the people you're reading about turns to Ichigo and Rukia as a way to make it more interesting
7. You call someone Ichigo or Rukia and it takes you more than 30 seconds to remember their real name
8. You start giving Ichigo and Rukia pet names (Strawberry, Baby, Ruru, etc.) and expect other people to no automatically who you're talking about
9. ALL your internet icons are IchiRuki, always
10. Atleast one of your passwords is IchiRuki