Doctor Doctor

"Hey Rukia," Ichigo greeted, effortlessly flipping a page in his manga, "Hey Ichigo," she closed his window and sat on the end of his bed, readying herself for the words about to spill out of her mouth, "Ichigo, I need a favor," she stated, he sighed and put down his book, starring at her defiantly, "If it has to do with rabbits I-" "It dosen't, and it isn't a very big favor either, at least not in my opinion," he raised an eye brow, "Ok, wat is it?" "I need an exam," his face went red as a pepper and he felt like he was going to explode, "YOU NEED A WAT?!" he shouted, falling off of his bed in shock, "An exam," she crawled over the side of his bed to stare at his contorted body sprawled on the floor, "W-why?!" he scrambeled, his brain was going crazy! Half of him wanted to agree for the off chance that he might actually get a peek at her perfect body, and the other half continued to repeat to the first half that this was Rukia! Sweet, innocent little Rukia that really had no clue wat she was asking for! "Because Soul Society said that because of all my recent injureries I need to start getting yearly exams again, wich I haven't done but once because I don't like them and the first and only time was a bad experience, so I thought that, since you were always bragging about noing alot about medicine and that you used to treat my injurieries, I figured that I'd rather have you do it because I really don't like the way squad four does it so... how about it?" 'Jeez Rukia! You and your naive innocenece! And me and my big mouth!' he thought, in the back of his head he heard his hollow laughing so hard that he wanted to smack him, ok so if he says "yes" he has to- his hollow was enjoyuing planting naked pictures of Rukia in his head, Ichigo shook his head violently to clear it, but then if he says "no" who nos wat she could get into?! He sighed, "I'll get my tools," he could hear his hollow rejoicing and was about to make him shut up wen he heard a small "Wait" from Rukia, he turned around, her face was very soft and she smiled gently at him, "Thank you, Ichigo," she wispered, he blushed, "It um, i-it's nothing, really, th-the priority is to make sure that you're healthy and happy,"
Ichigo sighed and started on his way back upstairs, really this was NOT pleasent, he didn't want to do this, he didn't want to see Rukia so vulnerable in front of him, but he did it for her, so that SHE would be more comfortable, opening the door to his bedroom, he felt his jaw drop, there sat little Rukia, sitting comfortably on the bed, reading a book, in a slevesless, wite button-down shirt, and short jean shorts! Sensing his presnece, she glanced up and put her book down, "Oh hello," he just stared, he wondered then if, perhaps, he was being punked, "So, do you want to start?" those words, .... his hollow was having a feild day planting images in his head, he was gonna kill his stupid hollow as soon as he could! "Is something wrong?" she finally asked, "W- You changed clothes, how come?" he was just trieing to keep his cool, yes, that was the priority, keeping his cool, he sat down in his swirvy chair and waited for her answer, "Oh, well, I had been reading this book," she held up one of her weird mangas and put it back down beside her, "And I figured that if I wore something that showed more skin then perhaps I wouldn't have to wear one of those ridiculouse papper dresses! And- are you sure you're ok?" his face was officially burning red, why did she have to mention something like THAT?! He heard his hollow cry in laughter, "King she's really putting you through hoops! Maybe you should get it over with and just sc-" he hit his head on the back of the chair, nocking his hollow around a bit, Rukia raised an eyebrow at him, "I'm fine," he mumbeled, she nodded and then her eyes grew wide in rememberence, "Oh I almost forgot! You need to sighn these!" she reached into her back pack and pulled out a stack of pappers, he looked at them and then at her clueless face, "Fine," he breathed
It had taken an entire hour to fill out those stupif forms! Meanwile Rukia was happily reading her book, he slapped the pappers down on the desk and stretched, "Done?" she asked, he nodded, she closed her book and looked at him expectingly, "You ready?" he asked, she nodded, he sighed and opened the small black bag on his desk, out of the corner of his eye he saw Rukia prop herself up on some pillows, he turned around with a thermomoter and gestured for her to open her mouth, she sighed and he put the thermomoter in, "Ichi-" "Don't talk remember?!" he nearly shouted, she scrunched up her face and scribbled something on a peice of papper, 'I hate this, it feels like I can't breathe... I hate breathing through my nose,' he read, "Welll sor-ry!" she glared at him, he took his small flashlight and shinned it in her eyes, he smiled slightly, the thermomoter beeped and he glanced at it, shaking it a few times and setting it on the desk, (A/N: Yeah it was digital XD) "Wat're YOU smiling at?" she asked, he laughed slightly, "Your eyes," "Wat about my eyes?!" he touched her face, she blushed slightly, "Your eyes are really beautifull," her blush deepened, "Open your mouth," she snapped out of her daze and parted her lips, he gave her a disaproving look and she smirked, he ran his finger lightly over her collar bone she gasped at the tickle and he smirked, triumph
Rukia blushed at the close contact as Ichigo pressed the small metal peice on her chest, "Your heart beat jumped," he laughed, "It jumped again," "Stop narrating!" she sqweaked, he put the stethescope around his neck Rukia began redoing the first three buttons on her shirt, "By the way, your heart beat is very pretty," she blushed deeper, "I-It is?" "Yeah, soft, short, quiet, it suits you," "T-Thank you," she muttered, he shrugged, standing up, he was about to give her another command wen he tripped and fell on top of her, they stared at each other for a short moment before leaning forward and kissing eachother, it felt good, it felt right in some ways, it felt like this was something that had been needing to happen but hadn't yet, he leaned up, "S-Sorry," they muttered at the same time, then grinned at each other and kissed again, "Hey Rukia?" he pulledd away and rolled off of her, "Yes?" "Would it be too, ... tragic-movie-cheesy to say that I love you?" "Well do you?" "... Yeah," "Then no, it isn't TOO cheesy, it'd be TOO cheesy for me to say it back," "Well I don't care, do it anyway!" "Alright then, I love you," there was a short pause in conversation, "How's your heart beat?" she laughed at his question, "Check for yourself,"