Of Babydolls And Childhood

Rukia stared down at her plate, "Wat ARE these?" she asked, no amusement present in her voice, "Tacos," he stated, she scrunched up her face, "They look yucky," he chocked on his Sprite, "Wat? They look 'yucky'?! Out of your extensive vocabulary THAT is the only word you could find?!" she hit his shoulder, "Shut up!" she sqweaked, he was still laughing, she poked the thing, "How do you eat it?" "Like this," he demonstrated by taking a bite, she bravely picked the thing up and tried it, "It's messy!" she shreiked, her voice an octave higher than she had intended, he was still next to her on the couch, laughing and choking, "That's the point! It's sort of a game, how much can you keep in your mouth versus on the floor," she rolled her eyes and took another bite, "Humans are weird," this time he was the one to roll his eyes, she noticed that the mail was in and plopped it down on her lap, siffting through it, "Wat are you looking for?" he snorted, "My Shoujo Beat," he coughed again, "YOU subscribed to that?! I thought that was my sister!" "No, but your sister and I share it," "Well why put it in YOUR name?!" "So that no one will get it mixed up with your Shounen Jump," "Oh, .... thanks, ... I guess," "Mm-hm, that'll show you to judge," "Oh by the way," he reached over and pulled a small packege off the floor, "This came for you, " "Oh yes! I NEED this!" "I sincerly hope you spent your own money," "No I spent your's," "Ofcourse," "This will help me understand you," he looked over at the thing she was holding and choked for the millionth time, "WAT?!" "That's right, 'Jeff Foxworthy's COMPLETE Redneck dictionnary'!" "Why did you buy that?! I'm not redneck!" "Close enough," she opened the book and flipped through it, "Hey! Wat a rip off! It dosen't have 'ya'll' in here!" "Wat DOES it have that I say?!" "...'Wisdom', you wizzed 'em out the window," he rolled his eyes, then heard her gasp, "Did you find 'ya'll'?" he asked rhetorically, "Look at this," she wispered, he turned to her (book thrown aside) and a saw an Ashton Drake catalog in her lap, "Why is someone SELLING babies?!" "They're dolls, Rukia," "But they look so REAL!" "Yeah well, those are called 're-borns', they look and feel like real babies, and before you ask they're WAY too expensive, I'm NOT getting you one," she glared at him, "Oh yeah?! We'll just see about that!"
He felt awfull, well, that was an understatement, he felt like such a horrible person that right now death by sword would be a blessing! Rukia had been locked up in his room for an hour now, she wouldn't let him back in, and then he remembered, she had never had a babydoll before, that did it, he had hit rock-bottum, he flipped through the catalog and layed eyes on wat could only be desicribed as THE most perfect babydoll in the world! Life like, tiny, and less money than the one she had seen, actually, in his opinion, this one was cuter anyway, and more Rukia-ish
He slid open the door for the UPS guy, "Hang on, the other one is in the truck," he said, Ichigo's mouth dropped, "Other one?! I only ordered ONE!" "Well there's some girl who lives here that ordered another one," Ichigo set the small box on the ground and followed the guy outside, "PLEASE tell me it isn't the same one!" "Hey, I don't even no wat they are, I just deliver the things, but her box is alot bigger," he felt relieved, ... but at the same time afraid, once he was inside again, he called her downstairs, "Hey Rukia! Get down here!" she quickly bounded down the stairs and set eyes on the boxs, "Wich is mine?!" she shreiked, running to the larger box, "Aparently both," "Huh?" he cut open the boxs with a pair of siscors and explained, "Well YOU aparently ordered a doll the same day I did!" "You got one?" "For you, yes, I felt bad about telling you 'no' especially since you've never had a babydoll, so I bought this one out of guilt," he brushed aside the packing peanuts and took out a tiny, life-like doll, she gasped, and he handed it to her, "You no you can't play with these right?" he asked, she nodded, "Wat's her name?" Ichigo rolled his eyes, of all the- "Emmy," he read from the certificate, "Emmy," she moaned in delight, Ichigo scratched his head nervously, mission acomplished, and then he remembered the giant box next to him, "Wich one did you order?" he asked, unpacking the box, "Emily," she replied, still staring in awe at Emmy, "Weird how close the names are," he muttered, he pulled out the doll and his mouth dropped, "PLEASE tell me this isn't one of those $1,000.00 ones!" "Relax! Emily is only $150.00!" she replied, Ichigo shook his head slowly,
Rukia was still craddling the dolls blissfully, almost unwilling to let Ichigo touch them, she kept telling him to wash his hands first, "Why did you buy me Emmy wen there were less expensive dolls?" she asked, not looking up at him, "Because, she kinda reminds me of wat you might've looked like as a baby," she gave him a crooked look, "And since wen am I a blue eyed blonde?!" "I meant, ... she's only ten inches, I bet you were that small," she blushed a deep red, "Oh please, spare me the short-jokes!" "Not that I mean, ... you were a premie right?" her face got redder, "I'd apreciate it if you didn't dig so deep into memories that I don't have," "Fine, I can just take you to my dad or someone and he can tell me how old you were wen you were born," she laughed darkly, "I'd kill you but I don't want to put down my baby," he shook his head slowly, "Why is this such a sensitive issue? Everytime I mention you as a baby you freak out, and that dosen't happen wen I talk about you as a kid!" "Ya' no something, .... shut up," she leaned up and captured his lips with her's, "Ya' no, ... this feels really right," Ichigo wispered, "Yeah I no," "I wish the wedding was sooner," ".... Then let's change the date!" "No, no" he replied simply, kissing her cheek, it really did feel right in some, messed up, crooked way