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Come To Me

Come to me in my dreams,
Send your sweet kisses to me in my sleep,
And as the wind brushes my lips during tonight's slumber,
I'll no in my heart that's you,
Assuring my safe return
"Ichigo, Ichigo wake up my prince," Ichigo opened his eyes slightly, Rukia was laying on top of him, her green, sheer blouse was open just enough for him to see the taunting sking of her collar bone, her jean mini skirt just covering her thighs, he stared at her in awe as she smiled at him warmly, "Rukia, wat are you doing here? You haven't come to me since Soul Society, why now?" her eyes smiled, he new why she looked so heavenly, he was dreaming of her, but not the way he normally dreamed of her, it was like a pyshcic connection, "I'm dieing Ichigo," his heart stopped, "Wat?" "I need your help, please," "Ofcourse! Wat can I do?!" "Please save me, I need you to save me, please," she raised up, her violet eyes closed, she was getting closer and closer to his lips, their breath mingled, but she wouldn't kiss him, "Why don't you ever kiss me?" he asked angerly, "You have to show me it's ok, it's not my place, but you have to save me please! I'll die without you, please, wake up Darling, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up," her voice was fading, Ichigo opened his eyes, it was six in the morning, he sleepily got out of bed and stumbeled towards the closet, sliding the door open to ensure that she was still there, but she was gone, his eyes widened in shock and he instantly used his badge to exit his body, and leapt out the window
Rukia grimaced at the pain in her leg, 'How foolish of me' she thought, 'I was so careless and now look at wat's happened,' she glared at the hunk of metal currently crushing her leg, she watched helplessly as the hollow got closer and closer, she could smell the fowl breath of the beast and closed her eyes, she waited to feel the hollow's teeth crushing her bones, but it didn't happen, instead she felt a breeze and heard someone yell her name, opening her eyes, she saw Ichigo standing in front of her, "Ichigo," she wispered, "Hey, get yourself into trouble did ya'?" "Shut up!" she snapped playfully, he lifted the broken car off of her leg and pulled her up, she screamed as she put pressure on her leg, "Rukia!" "I'm ok, I just think I broke my leg, that's all," "Yeah, that's all," he mocked, lifting her up and cradling her tiny body in hs arms, "Why didn't you wake me up?" "I just, ... I just wanted to do this myself, I didn't pay attention to wat the hollow was doing until I was already stuck," "I'll say you didn't pay attention!"
Rukia pulled her leg back from Orihime's ShunShunRikka, "Thank you Orihime," Orihime nodded and turned to face Ichigo, "Ok, um, she's fine but she shouldn't walk around for another two days or she'll be in pain," Rukia glared at the wall, she hated being talked about like she wasn't there, "Come on Ichigo, let's-" she gasped, before she could even finish wat she was saying he had quickly scooped her up in his arms, "I don't no why you think you're walking," he stated matter-of-factually, she glared at him
Rukia glared at the ceiling, she absolutely loathed this, she had been trying to sleep for the past 45 minutes and only ended up tossing and turning, Ichigo had even leant her his bed for the night and was curently snoring on the couch downstairs, she glared at the ceiling, unable to sleep, she was tired and couldn't stop yawning but still sleep refused to come to her, finally she angerly threw the blankets off of her and immidiatly regretted it, the cold air hitting her bare legs, she touched her feet to the ground and cringed at the cold wood under her skin, none the less, she stood up though, turning the lamp on and making her way to the door, she wasn't sure of wat she was going to do, but she continued walking anyway, choosing to ignore the dull throbbing in her leg, she looked back and watched in horror as the lamp flickered out due to the storm, a paticuaraly loud roar of thunder errupted from the sky and she couldn't help but let go of a short scream, backing up against the wall, she tried to remember the layout of the house, wen she felt something grab her shoulders, she shreiked, "Hey! HEY! Calm down it's just me!" Ichigo stated, Rukia squinted her eyes shut wen she felt the bright flashlight shining on her, "And wat are you doing walking around anyway?" she opened her eyes, the light was now directed towards Ichigo's bedroom, "I, um, I couldn''t sleep," he sighed loudly and scooped her up, sticking the small flashlight in his mouth, and heading towards the room, were he gently deposited her on the bed, she pulled the covers over her fragil body, loving how they felt on her against the thin fabric of her summer nightgown, he looked at her for a moment, "Here, now try sleeping," he suggested, turning on the radio, he turned to leave but was stopped by a light tugging on his hand, "Please," she flipped the radio off, "please don't go," she wispered, refusing to look at him, he turned around and pryed her hand from his, "Move over," she moved over to make room for him, he slid in the bed next to her, grabbing her tiny body and pulling it into his chest, snuggling his head in the crook of her neck, her eyes felt heavy and she was soon almost asleep, almost, she felt his lips press lightly against her temple, she smiled to herself, "I love you," he wispered, she giggled, "Well well, I DO wonder wat you do to me in my sleep," he blushed a deep red, "I love you too, just don't get froggy," he chuckled lightly, "Alright," he pulled her closer, asuring himself that sleep would come easily tonight with her next to him

The True Fan Test

The True Fan Test
You no you're an IchiRuki fan wen....
1. You watch Bleach on a regular basis
2. You join an IchiRuki fanclub
3. Your heart flutters wen something extra sweet happens
4. You're updated on all the goodies coming out
5. You contribute fanart/fanfics/AMVs etc. to the fandom
6. You thought the hug scene was the cutest thing EVER
7. You can't wait for FTB to come out
8. You have IchiRuki wallpaper on your desktop
9. You have IchiRuki merchindise
10. You sqweal over IchiRuki stuff
You no you're a huge IchiRuki fan wen....
1. IchiRuki comes up in regular conversations
2. You hiss wen you come along fanart of other pairings for Ichi and Ru
3. You puke (or nearly puke) wen you come along fanart of other pairings for Ichi and Ru
4. You dream of IchiRuki
5. IchiRuki has inspired you to make a life changing decision
6. You've vowed to watch FTB as much as you can once you get it on DVD and will "Awwww" everytime you see it without fail
7. You gloat about the wounderfull fandom to everyone around you, even non-fans
8. You get offended if someone insults Ichigo, Rukia, or IchiRuki in anyway
9. You cosplay as Ichigo or Rukia and wear a fake wedding band; wen people ask you say that you are married to Ichi or Ru
10. You call other people Ichigo or Rukia and have a momentary memory loss and can't remember their real name
You no you're obsessed with IchiRuki wen....
1. You cosplay as Ichigo and Rukia and INSIST on your freind/partner etc. of the opposite sex to cosplay the other and act all romantic around other people just for the pride of the IchiRukiness
2. Most, if not all, of the music you listen to has IchiRuki AMVs for it (and that's how you found it anyway)
3. You take your IchiRuki plushies everywere you go in case another fan is near
4. You write essays on IchiRuki for school/work
5. Almost everything Bleach that you have MUST have something to do with IchiRuki, Ichigo, or Rukia
6. You've started telling people that Rukia's name is Rukia Kurosaki
7. You room is covered in hand-made and store bought IchiRuki posters
8. Your favirote song in the hole entire world is "Glow" and you ask people to find you a copy of their BBC
9. You're a FumikoxMorita shipper
10. You get a little too excited about IchiRuki things
You no your obsession is really bad wen...
1. You check their horiscopes along with your's
2. You use IchiRuki terms in every day life
3. You use IchiRuki as an example in almost any conversation
4. You've memorized BOTH Ichigo and Rukia's lines completely for a block of dialog
5. IchiRuki is on your mind 24/7
6. Wen you read non-fiction your image of the people you're reading about turns to Ichigo and Rukia as a way to make it more interesting
7. You call someone Ichigo or Rukia and it takes you more than 30 seconds to remember their real name
8. You start giving Ichigo and Rukia pet names (Strawberry, Baby, Ruru, etc.) and expect other people to no automatically who you're talking about
9. ALL your internet icons are IchiRuki, always
10. Atleast one of your passwords is IchiRuki

Doctor Doctor

"Hey Rukia," Ichigo greeted, effortlessly flipping a page in his manga, "Hey Ichigo," she closed his window and sat on the end of his bed, readying herself for the words about to spill out of her mouth, "Ichigo, I need a favor," she stated, he sighed and put down his book, starring at her defiantly, "If it has to do with rabbits I-" "It dosen't, and it isn't a very big favor either, at least not in my opinion," he raised an eye brow, "Ok, wat is it?" "I need an exam," his face went red as a pepper and he felt like he was going to explode, "YOU NEED A WAT?!" he shouted, falling off of his bed in shock, "An exam," she crawled over the side of his bed to stare at his contorted body sprawled on the floor, "W-why?!" he scrambeled, his brain was going crazy! Half of him wanted to agree for the off chance that he might actually get a peek at her perfect body, and the other half continued to repeat to the first half that this was Rukia! Sweet, innocent little Rukia that really had no clue wat she was asking for! "Because Soul Society said that because of all my recent injureries I need to start getting yearly exams again, wich I haven't done but once because I don't like them and the first and only time was a bad experience, so I thought that, since you were always bragging about noing alot about medicine and that you used to treat my injurieries, I figured that I'd rather have you do it because I really don't like the way squad four does it so... how about it?" 'Jeez Rukia! You and your naive innocenece! And me and my big mouth!' he thought, in the back of his head he heard his hollow laughing so hard that he wanted to smack him, ok so if he says "yes" he has to- his hollow was enjoyuing planting naked pictures of Rukia in his head, Ichigo shook his head violently to clear it, but then if he says "no" who nos wat she could get into?! He sighed, "I'll get my tools," he could hear his hollow rejoicing and was about to make him shut up wen he heard a small "Wait" from Rukia, he turned around, her face was very soft and she smiled gently at him, "Thank you, Ichigo," she wispered, he blushed, "It um, i-it's nothing, really, th-the priority is to make sure that you're healthy and happy,"
Ichigo sighed and started on his way back upstairs, really this was NOT pleasent, he didn't want to do this, he didn't want to see Rukia so vulnerable in front of him, but he did it for her, so that SHE would be more comfortable, opening the door to his bedroom, he felt his jaw drop, there sat little Rukia, sitting comfortably on the bed, reading a book, in a slevesless, wite button-down shirt, and short jean shorts! Sensing his presnece, she glanced up and put her book down, "Oh hello," he just stared, he wondered then if, perhaps, he was being punked, "So, do you want to start?" those words, .... his hollow was having a feild day planting images in his head, he was gonna kill his stupid hollow as soon as he could! "Is something wrong?" she finally asked, "W- You changed clothes, how come?" he was just trieing to keep his cool, yes, that was the priority, keeping his cool, he sat down in his swirvy chair and waited for her answer, "Oh, well, I had been reading this book," she held up one of her weird mangas and put it back down beside her, "And I figured that if I wore something that showed more skin then perhaps I wouldn't have to wear one of those ridiculouse papper dresses! And- are you sure you're ok?" his face was officially burning red, why did she have to mention something like THAT?! He heard his hollow cry in laughter, "King she's really putting you through hoops! Maybe you should get it over with and just sc-" he hit his head on the back of the chair, nocking his hollow around a bit, Rukia raised an eyebrow at him, "I'm fine," he mumbeled, she nodded and then her eyes grew wide in rememberence, "Oh I almost forgot! You need to sighn these!" she reached into her back pack and pulled out a stack of pappers, he looked at them and then at her clueless face, "Fine," he breathed
It had taken an entire hour to fill out those stupif forms! Meanwile Rukia was happily reading her book, he slapped the pappers down on the desk and stretched, "Done?" she asked, he nodded, she closed her book and looked at him expectingly, "You ready?" he asked, she nodded, he sighed and opened the small black bag on his desk, out of the corner of his eye he saw Rukia prop herself up on some pillows, he turned around with a thermomoter and gestured for her to open her mouth, she sighed and he put the thermomoter in, "Ichi-" "Don't talk remember?!" he nearly shouted, she scrunched up her face and scribbled something on a peice of papper, 'I hate this, it feels like I can't breathe... I hate breathing through my nose,' he read, "Welll sor-ry!" she glared at him, he took his small flashlight and shinned it in her eyes, he smiled slightly, the thermomoter beeped and he glanced at it, shaking it a few times and setting it on the desk, (A/N: Yeah it was digital XD) "Wat're YOU smiling at?" she asked, he laughed slightly, "Your eyes," "Wat about my eyes?!" he touched her face, she blushed slightly, "Your eyes are really beautifull," her blush deepened, "Open your mouth," she snapped out of her daze and parted her lips, he gave her a disaproving look and she smirked, he ran his finger lightly over her collar bone she gasped at the tickle and he smirked, triumph
Rukia blushed at the close contact as Ichigo pressed the small metal peice on her chest, "Your heart beat jumped," he laughed, "It jumped again," "Stop narrating!" she sqweaked, he put the stethescope around his neck Rukia began redoing the first three buttons on her shirt, "By the way, your heart beat is very pretty," she blushed deeper, "I-It is?" "Yeah, soft, short, quiet, it suits you," "T-Thank you," she muttered, he shrugged, standing up, he was about to give her another command wen he tripped and fell on top of her, they stared at each other for a short moment before leaning forward and kissing eachother, it felt good, it felt right in some ways, it felt like this was something that had been needing to happen but hadn't yet, he leaned up, "S-Sorry," they muttered at the same time, then grinned at each other and kissed again, "Hey Rukia?" he pulledd away and rolled off of her, "Yes?" "Would it be too, ... tragic-movie-cheesy to say that I love you?" "Well do you?" "... Yeah," "Then no, it isn't TOO cheesy, it'd be TOO cheesy for me to say it back," "Well I don't care, do it anyway!" "Alright then, I love you," there was a short pause in conversation, "How's your heart beat?" she laughed at his question, "Check for yourself,"


I feel stupid, no, stupid isn't the right word, embarresed is more correct, why hadn't I seen it sooner? Why had I been wishing for the impossible? I was so confussed, ... I just wish I hadn't seen it, if I hadn't seen it, maybe I wouldn't feel THIS horrible, it all started wen I went to the school to return the equipment that the Home Hnadycraft's Club had borrowed for our feild trip, it was Saturday, around dusk, so the school was empty, at least, I THOUGHT it was, but that was only my FIRST mistake...
As I walked through the halls of the empty school I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall behind me, I don't no why but I decided to hide in a near-by classroom, "Jeez you really did it this time!" A familiar voice shouted, my heart leapt as I realized that it was Ichigo Kurosaki coming down the hall! But he was with someone, who, I didn't no, "Oh give it a rest!" that time the voice shrunk my heart and my hopes, it was Rukia's voice, sweet little Rukia, hissing at him like a threatening rattle snake, "And this time, THIS time you don't even have Orihime to bail you out since she's away!" Ichigo shouted, I immidiatly hid my spiritual pressure, not sure wat was happening and not wanting to get in the way, "I no, but you can manege right? I mean after all, you DID used to patch me up rather well back before Orihime came along," she stated, I understood it now, she was injured, "Yeah but I gotta tell ya', this ain't gonna be pleasent!" he protested, I heard her sigh heavily, "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, these are pretty bad, I'm pretty sure you need stitches," his voice turned seriouse, and I heard her groan loudly, I heard a door open and close and the footsteps and voices stopped, I opened the door and peered out, no one, I stepped down and saw a shadow in the infermery, I sprinted next to the door and crouched down beside it, sure enough I soon heard their voices emmitting from the small room, "Yep, you DEFINATLY need stitches," he stated, she moaned loudly again, "It won't be that bad," he stated, I heard the soft click of the hot-plate inside and the running of the sink, Rukia mean wile, continued to sigh heavily and moan in pain, Ichigo soon got irritated with this and I heard a gasp, I couldn't take just LISTENING anymore, no, my curiosity was too great, I peeked through the small window and the situation became more clear, boiling water sat on the hot plate, a sewing needle sat inside that, Rukia wason the leather bench, layed down with a cloth over her head, Ichigo standing next to her, inspecting her many injurieres wearing... a wite lab coat? I guessed he did that to annoy her, I learned that she had a slight phobia of doctors, very slight but enough to irritate her, "I hate this," she moaned, "I no," he stated, cleaning one of her lesser wounds and treating it with medicine and bandeges, "Ya' no, .... it isn't so much that I mind this," she stated, he raised an eyebrow and reached for more bandeges as she spoke, "I really don't mind it at all wen you treat me, I find it a bit relaxing even, fascinating to see wat humans do, wat bothers me is this stupid bright light! It's SO annoying! I mean, I MUCH perfer your room, it's much more comfortable," I heard him chukle, as she slung her uninjured arm over her eyes, I heard my own heart speed up, I wasn't sure why the adrenalin in my blood was shooting through the roof, they weren't saying or doing anything personal, but still it felt like they alone were in their own world, seperated from me and the rest of this universe, I tried my best to tune out wat they were saying but I couldn't help myself, I watched him open one of the small sewing cases that I hadn't seen him pick up, "Wat couler thread do you want?" she sprang up and glared at him, she seemed slightly offended, I couldn't imagine why though, "Oh perfect! I JUST forgot that I was getting stitches and now you're going to remind me?!" I understood then, for a split second I felt more dumbfounded than threatened, until Ichigo started laughing and pushed her back down, "Well then why didn't you tell me that you just forgot?" "Oh shut up! And to answer your previouse question, I like purple," she layed her uninjured arm back over her eyes, "Just like your eyes," he mumbeled, just loud enough for me to make out the sound, my heart skipped a beat and I guess her's did too because she slowly sat up and stared at him the same way that I new I was, "Wat?" she wispered, I had to read her lips for that one, he stiffened, "Wat did you just say?" she wispered again, "Purple it's um, it's the couler of your eyes, sort of, ... neon lavender," I couldn't believe that he not only admitted to saying that but he expanded on it too! I was getting angry and scared at the same time and I wasn't sure wich feeling was more dominant, she returned to her previouse position, "Why didn't you call me?" Rukia sighed heavily at Ichigo's question, I wasn't sure if he was trying to get real answers out of her or trying to distract her, "Wat? You mean with the hollow? I didn't feel like I needed to," his face became much more angry looking, "Wat's that supposed to mean?!" He had already started threading the needle through her skin and closing the wound, she either didn't mind or didn't notice, "It means that I didn't feel like I needed your help! I wanted to do it alone, it was only a low level hollow-" "That caused these injurieries by throwing you through a wall!" I had heard that tone before, he was pretty mad, "I hadn't gotten a chance to get out of my gigai yet!" "Wich is just another reason that you needed me there!" "If I could see propperly I'd slap you right now," that was the first time I had actually heard her threaten him instead of actually doing the deed, but I suppose there's a first for everything, "Get up, you're done," he stated, removing the extra thread from her arm, she sprang up immidiatly, first inspecting the stitch-job on her arm, then staring back at Ichigo, "I'm not weak," she stated, "Obviously," "Then why do you always act like I am?! Why can't you just leave me alone?!" "You'd like that?!" "No! I mean- I don't, ... not for good,... I just wish I wasn't a fragil peice of glass with you! I'm more than a china doll you no!" "I no!" "Then why-" I felt tears coming to my eyes, he was kissing her, he had practically jumped her but he was kissing her! And she was kissing him back, I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't listen to me, but I had to look away so I settled for slumping down against the door, "Did it hurt? The stitches I mean," so they had stopped, maybe there was still a chance- "No," her voice sounded breathless and I could tell that they had started kissing again, "Rukia, I lov-" I had found the will to run and didn't hear the rest of his sentence, but I wasn't stupid and I new perfectly well wat he was saying, I let the tears come as I ran out the door and down the street, I hated this day, why hadn't I waited till Monday to return the equipment?!
So that's wat happened, I can't believe I was so stupid that I didn't see it coming sooner, so stupid to think that I had a chance with Rukia around, I didn't no wat to do at this point, I heard the phone ringing and checked the caller ID, Uryuu was calling, I didn't feel like talking to anyone but I answered anyway, "Hello?" "Orihime? Are you ok? You sound like you're crying," "No, I'm fine," "...Do you want to get some coffee or something?" "........Ok,"

"And though the wound hasn't healed,
The heart is left in stitches"

Of Babydolls And Childhood

Rukia stared down at her plate, "Wat ARE these?" she asked, no amusement present in her voice, "Tacos," he stated, she scrunched up her face, "They look yucky," he chocked on his Sprite, "Wat? They look 'yucky'?! Out of your extensive vocabulary THAT is the only word you could find?!" she hit his shoulder, "Shut up!" she sqweaked, he was still laughing, she poked the thing, "How do you eat it?" "Like this," he demonstrated by taking a bite, she bravely picked the thing up and tried it, "It's messy!" she shreiked, her voice an octave higher than she had intended, he was still next to her on the couch, laughing and choking, "That's the point! It's sort of a game, how much can you keep in your mouth versus on the floor," she rolled her eyes and took another bite, "Humans are weird," this time he was the one to roll his eyes, she noticed that the mail was in and plopped it down on her lap, siffting through it, "Wat are you looking for?" he snorted, "My Shoujo Beat," he coughed again, "YOU subscribed to that?! I thought that was my sister!" "No, but your sister and I share it," "Well why put it in YOUR name?!" "So that no one will get it mixed up with your Shounen Jump," "Oh, .... thanks, ... I guess," "Mm-hm, that'll show you to judge," "Oh by the way," he reached over and pulled a small packege off the floor, "This came for you, " "Oh yes! I NEED this!" "I sincerly hope you spent your own money," "No I spent your's," "Ofcourse," "This will help me understand you," he looked over at the thing she was holding and choked for the millionth time, "WAT?!" "That's right, 'Jeff Foxworthy's COMPLETE Redneck dictionnary'!" "Why did you buy that?! I'm not redneck!" "Close enough," she opened the book and flipped through it, "Hey! Wat a rip off! It dosen't have 'ya'll' in here!" "Wat DOES it have that I say?!" "...'Wisdom', you wizzed 'em out the window," he rolled his eyes, then heard her gasp, "Did you find 'ya'll'?" he asked rhetorically, "Look at this," she wispered, he turned to her (book thrown aside) and a saw an Ashton Drake catalog in her lap, "Why is someone SELLING babies?!" "They're dolls, Rukia," "But they look so REAL!" "Yeah well, those are called 're-borns', they look and feel like real babies, and before you ask they're WAY too expensive, I'm NOT getting you one," she glared at him, "Oh yeah?! We'll just see about that!"
He felt awfull, well, that was an understatement, he felt like such a horrible person that right now death by sword would be a blessing! Rukia had been locked up in his room for an hour now, she wouldn't let him back in, and then he remembered, she had never had a babydoll before, that did it, he had hit rock-bottum, he flipped through the catalog and layed eyes on wat could only be desicribed as THE most perfect babydoll in the world! Life like, tiny, and less money than the one she had seen, actually, in his opinion, this one was cuter anyway, and more Rukia-ish
He slid open the door for the UPS guy, "Hang on, the other one is in the truck," he said, Ichigo's mouth dropped, "Other one?! I only ordered ONE!" "Well there's some girl who lives here that ordered another one," Ichigo set the small box on the ground and followed the guy outside, "PLEASE tell me it isn't the same one!" "Hey, I don't even no wat they are, I just deliver the things, but her box is alot bigger," he felt relieved, ... but at the same time afraid, once he was inside again, he called her downstairs, "Hey Rukia! Get down here!" she quickly bounded down the stairs and set eyes on the boxs, "Wich is mine?!" she shreiked, running to the larger box, "Aparently both," "Huh?" he cut open the boxs with a pair of siscors and explained, "Well YOU aparently ordered a doll the same day I did!" "You got one?" "For you, yes, I felt bad about telling you 'no' especially since you've never had a babydoll, so I bought this one out of guilt," he brushed aside the packing peanuts and took out a tiny, life-like doll, she gasped, and he handed it to her, "You no you can't play with these right?" he asked, she nodded, "Wat's her name?" Ichigo rolled his eyes, of all the- "Emmy," he read from the certificate, "Emmy," she moaned in delight, Ichigo scratched his head nervously, mission acomplished, and then he remembered the giant box next to him, "Wich one did you order?" he asked, unpacking the box, "Emily," she replied, still staring in awe at Emmy, "Weird how close the names are," he muttered, he pulled out the doll and his mouth dropped, "PLEASE tell me this isn't one of those $1,000.00 ones!" "Relax! Emily is only $150.00!" she replied, Ichigo shook his head slowly,
Rukia was still craddling the dolls blissfully, almost unwilling to let Ichigo touch them, she kept telling him to wash his hands first, "Why did you buy me Emmy wen there were less expensive dolls?" she asked, not looking up at him, "Because, she kinda reminds me of wat you might've looked like as a baby," she gave him a crooked look, "And since wen am I a blue eyed blonde?!" "I meant, ... she's only ten inches, I bet you were that small," she blushed a deep red, "Oh please, spare me the short-jokes!" "Not that I mean, ... you were a premie right?" her face got redder, "I'd apreciate it if you didn't dig so deep into memories that I don't have," "Fine, I can just take you to my dad or someone and he can tell me how old you were wen you were born," she laughed darkly, "I'd kill you but I don't want to put down my baby," he shook his head slowly, "Why is this such a sensitive issue? Everytime I mention you as a baby you freak out, and that dosen't happen wen I talk about you as a kid!" "Ya' no something, .... shut up," she leaned up and captured his lips with her's, "Ya' no, ... this feels really right," Ichigo wispered, "Yeah I no," "I wish the wedding was sooner," ".... Then let's change the date!" "No, no" he replied simply, kissing her cheek, it really did feel right in some, messed up, crooked way